Celebrate The 400th Anniversary Of Shakespeare's Death In Style

To go or not to go: that is the question.

Los Angeles Shakespeare lovers, rejoice.

In honor of the famed poet's birthday (and the 400th anniversary of his death) on April 23, Britweek -- an organization whose goal is to educate the general public about the contributions of the British -- is putting on a star-studded evening in Beverly Hills titled "Murder, Lust and Madness." 

Throughout the night, Sir Patrick Stewart and 25 other actors will be performing excerpts of "Macbeth," "Othello," "Hamlet," "Twelfth Night," "As You Like It," "The Merchant of Venice," "King Lear," "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and more. 

“The 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death will be marked with celebrations, performances, lectures and discussions all around the globe,” said the show's writer, producer and director Louis Fantasia in a press statement. "Literally all the world is still Shakespeare’s stage, and I am thrilled that we are kicking off this 10th anniversary year of BritWeek with an evening of some of Shakespeare’s most passionate plays."

In addition to the one-night-only performance, BritWeek will present around 40 events throughout Los Angeles, Calif., during the two–week celebration. For more info on the event including how to purchase tickets, go here



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