4/20 Pictures: Animal Photos To Keep You Entertained

Today is April 20th. While the day might seem somewhat arbitrary when written out, the date 4/20 is highly symbolic. 4/20 is the cultural celebration of America’s controversial, psychedelic and pseudolegal pastime -- smoking marijuana.

Whether you call it weed, bud, pot or reefer, 4/20 acknowledges the cultural and political impacts of cannabis on our culture. Although many of us associate it with stoner comedies and college parties, marijuana plays an active role in our country's cultural milieu.

In fact, some activists are spending the day canvassing and raising awareness instead of toking up. According to High Times, Mason Tvert, the Executive Director of SAFER and a leading figure in support of Colorado’s Amendment 64, is working harder on 4/20 than any other day of the year. “4/20 has become a day when people feel a lot more comfortable talking about marijuana, so we’re encouraging our supporters to use the occasion as a way to start a conversation about not just our initiative, but about the issue in general,” Tvert told the magazine.

Whether you think of 4/20 as a time for social and political commentary or just an awesome day to party, here are 42 wacky animal photos to keep you entertained...

42 Amazing Animal Photos For 4/20