4/20 In D.C.: Where To Celebrate On Weed Day

marijuana plant
marijuana plant

Are you 'toked and ready to go?

Every April 20, stoners from all over the world gather in every major city to celebrate what has become internationally known as "Weed Day."

On St. Patrick's Day the Irish wear green, but on 4/20, stoners wear hemp, braid their hair, sway slowly to guitar solos and collectively raise sales figures at Chipotle restaurants all over the country.

To be blunt, D.C. is no exception to the rule, so we've put together a list of events, big and small, that will be held around the city.

With a new poll showing that 75 percent of D.C. residents support decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana and 63 percent of residents support legalizing and taxing marijuana for those 21 and older, this year's "Weed Day" may be a bigger event than ever before.

So grab your friends, your frisbee, that Phish CD you haven't listen to since April 20th of last year, your favorite candidate for the D.C. Council (!), your walking shoes (?) -- and have fun!

4/20 Events Around D.C.

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