44 Photos Of Adopted Siblings That Show Family Is About Love, Not DNA

Yes, they are "real" siblings.

Many adoptive parents have heard people ask if their children are “real” siblings. In honor of National Adoption Month, HuffPost Parents is helping to turn that concept on its head.

We asked the HuffPost Parents Facebook community to share photos of their adopted children that show the sibling bond is about love, not DNA.

Here are 44 love-filled photos.

Erin O'Shaughnessy
"My angels, both adopted at birth. He is half Sioux. She was conceived in a refugee camp in Cameroon as her biological parents fled the Rwandan genocide. He once told me that he would lay his life down for her."
Nic N Sarah McBride
"Just seven months apart in age, these girls are 'real' sisters... They really adore one another, really fight(!) and -- they're both pretty shy -- let the other one closer than anyone else in the world. I love being their Mama!"
Sara Johnson Carpenter
"This is Philip and his new little brother, Levi. Photo was taken on the day we first met Levi, and Philip hasn't wanted to be apart from him since! Both are adopted."
"We adopted our youngest daughter in June 2015. Her biological baby brother has now joined our family. Adoption paperwork signed and anxiously waiting for finalization!"
Sherry Williams
"My hubby with our three babies. Two brought to us through adoption and one brought to us biologically. We feel so blessed!"
Laura Hall
"Here are my 2 youngest children. On this day Miss was 18 months and Mr. was 4 years. Mr. has Down syndrome and came into our family when he was a few weeks old. They are now 4.5 and 7 and the most amazing friends still!"
Annie Marie
"Our three beautiful girls ... real sisters!"
Lucinda Fritzal
"My non-DNA twinkies!"
Stephanie Brewer Wright
"We get that question a lot, if they're 'real' siblings. I just say not biologically, but they're very real."
Kelley Parsons
"Two different beginnings. Two different sets of genes. One beautiful bond. It’s a wonderful gift to be able to watch."
KJ Schutt
"The bond between our boys is amazing. One of my favorite moments of them together this summer."
Nicole Burch Rangel
"We found out about my son four hours after he was born. 'A boy was born today with 10 fingers and 10 toes, and as his biological mother labored, she looked at family books and picked yours ... would you like to be his mother?' Happiest day of my life. He is Mexican-Brazilian, my husband is Mexican and our daughter (a surprise and rainbow baby) is Mexican-American."
Alicia Marie Vanwhy
"These three cuties left to right is my step son and little girl we adopted at birth from a previous foster child and then Skyler who we adopted at 16, two days before Christmas. They all are siblings. They love each other intensely and are grateful for each other and they are each unique and beautiful people. I could not love them any more."
Lindsey Holland Wagner
"0 percent DNA, 100 percent REAL siblings. Both adopted."
Esther Baker
"My parents adopted me (the bride) and my sister from the Northwest Territories, my three brothers (one not pictured) from Haiti and my youngest sister they had."
Jennifer 'Kircher' Self
"My sons, both adopted from different first families."
Heather Mae
"Henry is adopted, but he and his cousin, Jack, believe with all their hearts that they are brothers."
Jasmine Shamel
"My very REAL big brother and I. I was made to be his sister."
Vivek Anand
"Me with my kids. Our son is biologically ours. Daughter is adopted. Of course they are real siblings. Painfully at times of sibling rivalry but real all the same."
Marcie Ward Taylor
"My oldest daughter is the BEST big sister imaginable! Her adoption is 'envied' in our family. Our twins complain that they wish they were adopted instead of growing inside of my tummy because 'It was too squishy in there!'"
Kim Koelzer Krutsch
"My husband's children from his first marriage -- my stepson, Alex and stepdaughter, Erica with our adopted son, Donald. My husband and I brought home Donald from Texas 16 years ago. I am a stepmom and an adoptive mom. Our blended family is awesome."
Kari Safran
"My three beautiful children, all adopted, but my heart knows no such thing. I adopted them as babies, and although I have two birth children, these guys have really taught me the meaning of selflessness, strength and unconditional love!"
Joan Mazzu
"Love is what makes a family."
Tonya Doyle Youree
Mindy Miller Kusbel
"She will always look up to her big sister!"
Leeandra Archdeacon
"My life."
Michelle Hendricks
"REAL siblings! We adopted the little guy!"
Gary Chee
"Brian and Shelby were adopted from Korea and have been a true blessing to our family! DNA does not drive the connection, love does!"
Ana Sobero
"Nothing but love from her brothers to our adopted daughter Gabriella. She completed our family and is our forever princess."
Jennifer Fewox Blount
"Taken right outside the courthouse on the day our daughter was 'officially' ours. Family is love not blood."
Tracy Hall East
"Real siblings!"
Erin Stewart Branchflower
"My two youngest are adopted out of foster care, they are only four months apart, and people used to ask me if they are twins ... I used to just tell the little old church ladies that they had different dads then walk off."
Idaho Jo
Liz Kilby McClure
"Here are my three kids ... all sure are 'real' siblings, regardless of being born in three different places from different birth families."
Darcy Olsen
"All of my children were born into foster care and now adopted. Love by any other name is still love."
Melissa McCallum
"Ayla and my son Owen. Owen is adopted. But they are still real siblings."
Anna Joy Tough
"My brothers and I are all adopted. We may not be genetically related, but we are 100 percent real siblings. What we lack in DNA, we make up for in love."
Emily Ornatek Garvin
"100 percent brothers."
Cassie Goldsberry
"They came from different beginnings but now we are a family. My babies."
Karyn Williamson
"We adopted our oldest and found out a month later that we were pregnant. People ask all the time if they're twins."
JoLynn DeLong
"The little kiddo is our nephew, and we adopted him after birth and he fits in great!"
Laurie Forand
"Our daughters are adopted; our son is biological. Even as toddlers, they love each other so much!"
Mary Cordry
"Our three girls... The older two are my daughters from my husband's first marriage. Then, one glorious day, we adopted the youngest girl. Humorously, I was adopted; when I adopted, I ended up adopting the biological grandchild of my (adoptive) mom. These three girls love each other, and are as 'real' as they come. They may have missed the first five years of our youngest daughter's life, but they have made up for it in spades!"
Elena Andreacci
"My three beautiful children. Sean was adopted in 2011. Family is more than just DNA."
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