45 Favorite Animal Charities

45 Favorite Animal Charities
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Giving Tuesday is a brilliant idea, especially in a week typically filled with consumerism and gift buying for the holidays.

When the world appears bleak, it's important to remember that many people are working every day to improve the lives of others with their non-profits.

My favorite cause is helping our furry friends. Animals, especially domesticated ones, depend on our resources and support to live. Sometimes a few dollars can make the difference between a life saved or lost.

You can be a philanthropist whether you give money or used towels for an animal's bedding or volunteer your time or even post about charities to raise awareness. Your giving matters and is important.

This year I decided to find out what animal charities my Facebook community loved the most and so I present their favorites (with my own included as I've been involved with the top 25 in various ways) below.

Please consider a donation today for #givingtuesday and many of them have matching programs (noted below) right now so your dollar is even greater.

1. Best Friends Animal Society (cats/dogs/horses/birds/goats/pigs rescue, matching)

2. Return to Freedom (wild horse sanctuary, matching)

3. Saffyre Sanctuary (horse sanctuary, matching)

4. Apex Protection Project (wolf rescue)

5. HEARTS Therapeutic (therapeutic riding)

6. Defenders of Wildlife (endangered species)

7. The Humane Society (animal protection)

8. NKLA (no-kill animal shelter)

9. Ride On (therapeutic riding)

10. Farm Sanctuary (farm animal rescue)

11. The Gentle Barn (farm animal rescue)

12. Wolf Connection (wolf rescue)

13. Horses of Tir Na Nog (horse rescue)

14. Colorado Horse Rescue (horse rescue)

15. Mini Therapy Horses (therapy horses)

16. Star Paws Rescue (dogs/cats rescue)

17. Bark Avenue (spay/neuter and education)

18. Main Stay Farm (therapeutic riding)

19. Horses Make Miracles (therapeutic riding)

20. Loggerhead Marine Life Center (turtle rescue/rehab)

21. World Wildlife Fund (wildlife conservation)

22. ASPCA (prevention of cruelty to animals)

24. Reins of Hope (equine therapy for veterans)

25. Special Spirit (therapeutic riding)

26. HiCaliber Horse Rescue (horse rescue)

27. Gentle Carousel Therapy Horses (therapy horses)

28. Sunrise Horse Rescue (horse rescue)

29. Conservation Intl. (conservation/biodiversity)

30. Hope for Paws (animal rescue)

31. Colorado Horse Care Foodbank (hay bank for horses)

32. Pilots N Paws (transporting animals to safety)

33. Gibbon Conservation Center (gibbon conservation)

34. Wings of Rescue (flying animals to freedom)

35. Project Coyote (coyote protection)

36. Forgotten Felines (no-kill cat shelter)

37. Glory Reins (therapeutic riding)

38. Bunny World Foundation (rabbit rescue)

40. Stray Cat Alliance (supports stray cats)

41. Paws LA (preserving human-animal bond)

42. Red Bucket Equine Center (horse rescue)

43. Animal Place (farm animal sanctuary, matching)

44. Operation Blankets of Love (blankets for homeless animals)

45. Argus Service Dog Foundation (service dogs for disabled veterans)

There are also two incredible organizations which aren't non-profits but are helping animals in unique and creative ways. Over & Above Africa offers an innovative media platform to end poaching of wild animals in Africa so they don't become extinct. The Good of the Hive is on a mission to paint 50,000 murals to raise awareness of our precious honeybees.

However you decide to give today (or any day), see if you can stretch yourself to offer even more abundance.

In gratitude for all of these groups that are made up of caring individuals who dedicate their lives to helping animals,

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