45 Reasons You Should Not Accept The 45th President

 America, are you ready for The Donald? Well here he is! As inauguration day is upon us, Americans from all over the nation are flooding the streets of the nation’s capital, Washington, DC. While 28,000 law enforcement agents have created a barrier around Downtown DC, more than 700,000 people are expected to be in attendance for the swearing in ceremony for the 45th President of the United States. However, many of these patriots are not showing up to the nation’s capital to welcome the incoming president, rather, many of them are going to protest. These protesters span from women to marijuana advocates who have assembled to make their demands heard during that pivotal moment when the transition of power is finally completed and the then President-Elect becomes President.

With this president going into the most powerful office with the lowest approval ratings in modern times, he has yet tried to extend an olive branch to those groups of people he attacked during his campaign.

So without further delay, here are 45 reasons why billions of Americans do not support the 45th President of the United States.

1. He is not presidential material. Yes, Trump has conducted business on both foreign and domestic areas but he has no experience with policy making and foreign diplomacy.

2. Trump claim he is “not relying on donors.” Trump, who has demonstrated that he will not be controlled by anyone, has proven to be a loose cannon. He claims that because his campaign was not reliant on donors he will have full autonomy as president. He alluded to other politicians being a puppet to corrupt corporations and greedy Wall Street executives. However, after Trump won the 2016 presidential election and begun forming his cabinet, the same corporations and greedy Wall Street executives he attacked during his campaign he nominated them to high ranking offices in his cabinet.

3. What comes to his head, he says it! He has no filter and says whatever he feels. This lack of self-control is intolerable and is not a particular attribute that a world leader should have. When you are president everything you say MUST be politically correct.

4. Does not represent America. Trump who was born into a pot of wealth has no idea about the lives of the average working class citizen. Trump often makes reference to the “small donation” of $1 million his father gave him to start his global business.

5. He’s a conspiracy theorist. Trump has shown clear signs that he is trying to build a government that works for him and him only. He has tried to silence people who spoke against him and has led the belief that America’s institutions are corrupt and should be questioned.

6. He believes that Washington should bow down to him. Trump is clearly not the most humble of persons. He has an attitude that everything in Washington needs to be “fixed” and that he has all the answers to fix it. He has intentionally disrespected countless of presidential cabinets that have come before him as he made a statement on the eve of his inauguration that his cabinet has a “higher IQ than any other former cabinet”. This prideful statement shows the lack of humility this president has.

7. Diplomacy. Do we even know what Trump plans to do when it relates to diplomacy and foreign policy? If he plans to conduct himself the way he has done so here in the U.S. then we are in a pool of trouble. World Leaders have seen how Trump has conducted himself throughout the election and are unsure about the direction this nation will head in. During the 2016 campaign, President Obama reassured America’s allies that our values as a nation has not changed regardless of the rhetoric coming from Trump’s campaign.

8. Bad business. The empire that Trump built was created from broken promises and failed deals. He used the power of his wealth to dictate deals and to also prevent people from successfully beating him in court. Trump capitalized off of the fails of others and besides planning to help families keep their homes during the 2008 recession, he planned to buy their property and force families to find housing elsewhere.

9. Just Business… No Ethics. Will Trump will that others would succeed before he wills that he succeed? I would answer this question for Trump, but he has already answered it for himself. Trump has compromised ethical standards for his own gain. As long as it is legal he will make the choice to do it without regard to the action being ethical or not.

10. Anti-Women. He has not apologized for using offensive language towards women. His remarks about women’s bodies and their societal position are frightening. To women who have fought for their right to have control over their body, Trump has made it clear that he intends to attack some of the rights women have works so hard and long for.

11. Wealthy First Family. The new first family has “Rich Kids” written all over them. This first family cannot relate to the struggle of most Americans nor can they speak to those troubles. Each generation that is represented in Trumps family was born in a level of wealth most children in America will never know.

12. A man of no morals. “Grab her by the pu**y” is the type of man Trump is behind close doors. A man’s morals can only be judged by what he does in private.

13. Time to step into reality. Trump who is the celebrity president must now awake from his dream that this was only reality TV. He is now the president but is acting like he is on the Apprentice.

14. He has not laid out clear policies. What will Trump do during his first 100 days in office? Well, we don’t really have a clue seeing that he has not laid out what he will do.

15. Cannot move from the past. Ok Trump… you won. We all know that, now can you please stop talking about your victory and get into your policy.

16. Missing the message of Americans. The majority of America, which did not vote for Trump, is asking that he understand their needs and concerns. However, Trump has a narrow view of what America needs and is not willing to listen to concerns of others.

17. Calls out those that oppose him. Besides showing true concern about the concerns others have about him, he attacks them and makes unprovoked remarks about them and or who they represent.

18. Controversial cabinet nominees. Among many others, Trump nominated racist Jeff Sessions for US Attorney General. In 1986 Sessions was denied appointment as a federal judge due to his racist comments.

19. Deportation. Trump has suggested for a massive deportation of immigrants, and has suggested that America should not allow people into the country based upon their religion.

20. What do you have to lose? Trump’s pitch to Black American’s was purely disrespectful as he suggested that all black communities are filled with poverty and violence. His statement “what do you have to lose” suggested that African Americans should vote for him because in actuality they don’t have any other choice.

 21. Low Turn out? Thank you Black America. Trump attributed the low voting turn out in the African American community as assisting him in his victory.

22. He’s not a role model for our children. Trump has lived and said some pretty controversial things. From the inappropriate ways he has talked about his daughter, Ivanka Trump, to what he said about Rosie O’Donnell and women alike. We teach our children to be nice and play fair, but Trump has continuously not done that.

23. Made fun of a disabled reporter. Donald Trump, who is an abled, privileged white man, made fun of a disabled reporter. He mimicked his handicap and showed zero regard to how his action was hurtful to those Americans who struggled with from a disability.

24. Anti-Homosexual. Although Trump has suggested that marriage equality is a settled issue he does not support LGBTQI persons. People who identify in this community are afraid that Trump will do nothing to protect their rights from being repealed.

25. No cohesion within the Republican Party. Trump has done nothing to help bring up cohesion within his party. He is entering his presidency without complete support of members in his own party.

26. Twitter. There is nothing that has separated Trump from his Twitter account. This medium that he uses to quickly respond to people has left many Americans nervous about how he will use his twitter account while president.

27. He tried to delegitimize Obama’s presidency. Many people are still disturbed that Trump led the movement to delegitimize President Obama back in 2008. Trump question whether or not the first Black president was actually American.

28. He makes gaffes. There are numerous outright stupid things the 45th President of the United States has said. Leading up to his inauguration this has not changed at all.

29. Claimed that President George W. Bush lied about WMDS. He believes that President Bush wanted to go to war with Iraq and lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.

30. Russian Hacks. He neglected the US intelligence community that warned him about intelligence they received about Russia being involved in US election.

31. Too comfortable with white supremacist movement. Would not renounce his white supremacist groups who were supporting him. When asked about David Duke he claimed that he did not know whom he was and when told, Trump still refused to renounce what David Duke stood for.

32. He seeks vengeance. Trump has written chapters in books that discuss the importance of revenge on those that cross him. Trusting this man who constantly seeks revenge with the nuclear code and being over the most powerful army is a chance million of Americans would rather not take.

33. He’s a drama queen. One moment he is fighting with Megyn Kelly and the next moment he is fighting with Senator John Lewis. He has no respect for anyone and will say anything to keep drama going besides burying the hatchet.

34. Speculated to have had ties with the mob. According to a book written about Trump, it is believed that he has had done business with major organized-crime figures.

35. Supported amnesty in 2013. He remains controversial about illegal immigration. In 2013 he supported 8 amnesty bills that were discussed by congress. However, he is now stating that he will be tougher than any other president on illegal aliens.

36. Did not make his own products in America. Trump complains that there are no jobs in America and that all the jobs are being sent to other countries. However, before he ran for president all of his products were made outside of the United States.

37. Hired foreign workers over American workers. He talks a lot about putting Americans back to work but Trump hired foreign workers instead of Americans workers at his country club in Florida.

38. Can’t be trusted to pick Supreme Court Justice. He has said that he will appoint a conservative justice who will be anti-abortion.

39. Trump isn’t really a conservative; he’s just playing into the party. He has switched political parties five times in his life. Just three years ago he was endorsing a Democratic.

40. He doesn’t know anything about policy. Trump doesn’t know any of America’s issues in detail. He has never passed a bill nor is he familiar with senate proceedings.

41. Failed Business Ventures. He brags of all of his success as a businessman but what he does not tell people are the amount of failures he has had. Instead he covers up his fails by resetting court cases until the plaintiff can no longer financially afford to sue him any more, or he settles it outside of court.

42. Trump Mocked prisoners of war. He insulted Senator John McCain and said “(John McCain is) not a war hero…. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

43. Made money off of a strip club/ a misogynist. What role model will he be for our children as he made money off strip clubs and casinos?

44. The First Lady has nudes. Well by now we know that Trump’s wife is not the particular First Lady we have been accustomed seeing over the past eight years.

45. Wants to get rid of Obama Care. Millions of Americans are now receiving quality health care. However, Trump wishes to repeal Obama care leaving millions of Americans in fear for their faith care.

We all want America to be a place where everyone is accepted and has the right to liberty. However, we as Americans must stand firm on our core values and must never allow anyone to attack or threaten those values. Over the next four years what we have worked so hard to build will be challenged. But let us remember, “When they go low, We go High” – Michelle Obama