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47 Reasons Why Your Sister Is the Perfect Best Friend

Sisters already know everything weird there is to know about you.
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Sisters are genetically gifted to you as the optimum best friend choice.

  1. Your mom's grocery shopping caused you to like the same snacks.

  • Nothing depicts friendship compatibility more than corresponding snack preferences.
  • You basically have guaranteed Maid-Of-Honor privileges.
  • Anything and everything that you own is a shared commodity.
  • You have clothing options times two.
  • You will wage world wars over #4 and #5 on a fairly regular basis, yet the borrowing continues.
  • If you wear even remotely the same size as your sister and you don't want something to be worn, it must be padlocked in a safe.
  • But sisters always know your goofy passwords anyway, so that probably won't work.
  • Nothing you could ever do in front of her could feel embarrassing in the slightest.
  • She loves your pets just as much as you do.
  • Your sister literally knows everything about you; therefore she knows how to provide you with the perfect advice in any situation.
  • You have to take each other's crap.
  • Being sisters is like having the highest level of b*tchiness insurance that you can possibly obtain.
  • Neither of you are going to go anywhere -- you'll always be there for each other.
  • Accurately portraying the insanity of your family dynamic to anyone other than each other is an impossible feat.
  • You also have a faithful companion to take on that insanity with at the various family functions that you both are required to attend.
  • By "take on," I mean you have someone to eat a lot of baked goods with while you try to dodge awkward conversations about "how big you are now."
  • You both are experts at helping each other get ready. It's been that way since you first learned about the existence of braids.
  • Your natural sibling rivalry causes you to each motivate the other to work harder.
  • Sisters already know everything weird there is to know about you.
  • When you were kids, no one could ever understand how to play your favorite games like she did. (This is also true now.)
  • No one else really appreciates the movies you like or songs you listen to together, either.
  • No one else respects your "Weekend at Bernie's" marathons like she does.
  • ...Or whatever other abstract activities you two like to do together.
  • You've been cuddling since you were children, so you're professionals at it.
  • Growing up together most likely caused you to have a lot of similar interests.
  • You're going to get to be aunts for each other's children one day.
  • Aunts are the absolute coolest.
  • You've experienced all of your weird fashion stages together.
  • You can be screaming obscenities at each other at one moment and laughing the next.
  • Let's face it: You used to pull each other's hair when you fought, so most current altercations can be regarded as minor.
  • You never have to explain memories from your childhood to her.
  • It was her childhood too.
  • So, when you reach into the deepest corners of your brain and find these little memories or funny stories, you have someone to share that with.
  • She brings about those moments for you as well. It seems like half of the recollections from your youth are stored in her mind and half in yours.
  • You can move thousands of miles away from each other, but you'll still always end up in the same place for each holiday.
  • She has served as a helpful alliance against your parents during each of your teenage angst phases.
  • If she supported you in that war, you can combat anything together.
  • Your life has just been one giant sleepover with each other.
  • A sister is hardwired to defend you.
  • You can brawl with each other all that you please, but once someone else steps in against your sister, he or she better prepare for annihilation.
  • There's a pretty good chance she could give you a kidney.
  • What is better than being best friends with someone that can offer you valuable organs if need be?
  • She has really high expectations for you and would never allow you to settle for less than you deserve.
  • She always seem to be around when you are in need of a late-night venting session or some Netflix binge therapy.
  • She's constantly there to guide you, be honest with you, and hold you tightly through all of the ever-changing phases of your lives.
  • A best friend is the other half of your heart. That isn't the case with sisters. This is because you are one heart.
  • This post is dedicated to my sister Morgan. My heart forever beats with yours and my love for you is infinite. May our days together be long and filled with an overabundance of crappy movies and inside jokes.