36 Things Only People Over 50 Understand

With so many changes going on in the technological, scientific and cultural realms, it seems like everyone under the age of 30 has become an expert on topics that barely existed 10 years ago. Keeping up has never been more difficult, and generations have never felt smaller.

And while some Millennials might say that means you're out of touch, you know you've got a lifetime of experience that no amount of fast-fingered Googling can match.

We partnered with Kellogg's to celebrate the little things that only you, in your infinite wisdom, can truly appreciate.

Below are 36 things that only people over 50 understand. What other things do you think boomers really "get" that younger generations might not? Share your kernels of wisdom in the comments!

  • 1 The Scratchy Sound Of 33s
  • 2 The Ultimate Friday Night Fun...
  • 3 Which Cost Less Than $2
  • 4 Playing Stickball
    Flickr/Joe backward
  • 5 Eating This For Lunch...
  • 6 ...Or This...
  • 7 Or THIS
  • 8 Phones With BUTTONS...
  • 9 And Phones Without Buttons...
  • 10 And Phones In Booths
  • 11 Gas For Less Than $1/Gallon
    Library Of Congress
  • 12 The Original Human-Replacing Robot
  • 13 Saving Up The S & H Trading Stamps...
  • 14 And the Excitement of Getting To Lick Them
  • 15 The Original Tablet
  • 16 The Most Exciting Thing On TV
  • 17 The Beauty Of Our 35th President
    Photograph by Cecil Stoughton, White House,
  • 18 A World Before Lotto
    Getty Images
  • 19 True Muscle
  • 20 Getting A Telegram
  • 21 Disposable Diapers: A Life-Changing Invention
  • 22 House Calls
  • 23 Being Forced To Stay Home On Sundays
  • 24 An Old Purse Becoming Stylish Again
  • 25 Your Child's Face The First Time They Hear You Curse
  • 26 Coke Was Not A Canned Drink
  • 27 How Fun Couples Dancing Can Be
  • 28 This Meant Bed Time
  • 29 The Purpose Of This
  • 30 Wooden Roller Coasters > Steel Roller Coasters