49ers Homophobic Comments Blasted On Late-Night TV: Long-Time Fan Hilariously Gloats Over Team's Loss (VIDEO)

In the days leading up to their Super Bowl loss at the hands of Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens, a number of players on the San Francisco 49ers did something decidedly un-San Francisco--they made homophobic comments.

The highly publicized remarks from cornerback Chris Culliver, linebacker Ahmad Brooks and nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga drew the ire of LGBT activists, the San Francisco community and the 49ers front office.

And now, it's inspired the wrath of someone else.

Guy Branum, a gay 49er fan and a writer on the late-night talk show of former San Francisco resident W. Kamau Bell got a chance to vent in a segment aired on the show last week appropriately titled "No More Mr. Nice Gay."

Branum, who grew up rooting for the 49ers in Northern California's Yuba City, expressed his disappointment about feeling like he, as an openly gay man, wasn't welcome as a fan.

"I'm here to call you out Chris Culliver, not for being a homophobe, but for being bad at football," said Branum. "Maybe you should worry less about who gets behind me on Saturday night and worry a little more about Jacoby Jones getting behind you on Sunday night then catching a pass and then scoring a touchdown."

"Guys, do you realize what time you play for? You play for the gayest city in America" he continued. "San Francisco is so gay, it's on a peninsula shaped like a penis. San Francisco is so gay, the city flag is an image of a lesbian deciding whether to go to graduate school."

He didn't stop there.

"So don't tell me where gay people are and aren't allowed. Don't tell me gay people aren't allowed in the locker room, don't tell me we aren't allowed in the NFl, and you sure as hell don't tell me we're not allowed in San Francisco," he said. "That city belongs to gays, old Chinese ladies and hipsters."

What do you think, San Francisco fans, did the homophobic comments of those three 49ers take some of the wind out of your Super Bowl sails? Leave your thoughts in the comments.