49ers Fans are Burning Kaepernick NFL Jerseys to the National Anthem

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<strong>Kaepernick Gets the Gas Face</strong>
Kaepernick Gets the Gas Face
Uncle Louie and Miss Bianca G

Yesterday I read that the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Kaepernick, refused to stand for the National Anthem. He did so as a means of conveying that he is unhappy with things happening in America.

Although we are all entitled to our opinions and expressing them in a manner we see fit, this immediately struck me as highly immature, disrespectful and totally inappropriate behavior for an NFL player.

Apparently, although some think he is a hero for doing this, some real heroes do not.

Take Benghazi Hero Kris Tanto Paronto for instance. I had the honor of chatting with last night. He immediately shared his perspective, via his social media (above), and his take on the QB’s decision not to stand for the National Anthem was clear.

Tanto also shared a tweet from Scott Baio who, although not a hero, tweeted a meme that featured one (below).

While I wholeheartedly give Kaepernick the “gas face”, reminiscent of the 3rd Bass and MC Serch’s song from the early 90’s, there are fans giving his NFL Jersey the “gas blaze” (below).

We should be grateful for those who have serves; standing for the National Anthem is a gesture of respect for those men and women. Not standing while that song plays is disrespecting our veterans and those currently serving.

Give em the Gas Face!