'Jimmy Kimmel' Fools 49ers Fans Big Time In Super Bowl Prank

The stunt turned San Francisco diehards into fumbling traitors.

Jimmy Kimmel Live” ventured to San Francisco Tuesday to make 49ers fans hilariously betray their team in the days before the Super Bowl.

The talk show set up its ruse by telling passersby wearing 49ers gear that it was shooting promos for both teams that will play in the big game, so it needed these diehard fans to change into the apparel of the rival Kansas City Chiefs for another spot.

A Kimmel staffer asked a pair of 49ers fans how important loyalty is to their team. “Very,” they replied as they put on Chiefs jerseys. “We only root for the Kansas City Chiefs!” they declared in what they thought was a real promo.

There are other amusing traitorous acts ― and a few holdouts who should be applauded for their fierce Niners allegiance.