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4 Easy Ways to Be More Mindful at Work

Four powerful ways you can also incorporate mindfulness into your working days include tuning into gratitude, taking short and regular mindful breaks, journaling mindfully at the end of the day and using a mindfulness tool.
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Bringing more mindfulness into my working days is one of the best things I can do for my enjoyment, productivity and creativity. Rather than spending time counting down the clock, allowing frustration to grow, or taking work stresses home with me, I use several techniques to create a more mindful work environment.

Four powerful ways you can also incorporate mindfulness into your working days include tuning into gratitude, taking short and regular mindful breaks, journaling mindfully at the end of the day and using a mindfulness tool.

1. Tune into gratitude
There's probably a reason why you have the job you have. Perhaps you're learning and growing in your field of employment with people you respect, or you're passionate about what you do and you're making a difference. Maybe, you're simply there to earn an income to support yourself and your lifestyle, or your family. Tune into your sense of gratitude by appreciating your opportunity to be at work for those reasons which are important to you.

2. Take short and regular mindful breaks
Mindful breaks can be useful for improving our well-being at work and helping us remain fresh, focused and creative. Every few minutes, simply take a long, deep breath, bringing your attention to the journey of the breath as it moves into the body and out, again. Through this short and simple mindfulness technique, you can give your mind a quick break and take a moment to check in with how you're feeling. Are you becoming stressed and overwhelmed? Perhaps, it's time to ask for help. Feeling stuck or uninspired? You could go for a quick walk and create space for a new idea. Are you energised and "in the zone"? Feel free to get back into it!

3. Mindfully journal at the end of the day
This technique is great for anyone who feels like they take work home with them, or can't switch off after work. Keep a journal at work and for a few minutes before you leave each day, simply write down everything that's important to you in that moment. Write down the key tasks on the agenda the next day, how you're feeling, any ideas you might have, what was good about your day, or the main to-dos you ticked off your list over the last few hours. This method of journalling usually helps me to get all my "work thoughts" down on paper, ready for me to read the next day. I can then switch off and enjoy my time at home, without these thoughts circling around in my mind and I can get back into work quicker next time by picking up where I left off!

4. Keep a mindfulness tool with you
A mindfulness tool can serve as a reminder to be mindful and can also support you with your mindfulness practice. For example, my two favourite tools are a necklace and an aromatic body mist. Whenever I touch or see my necklace, I stop and bring myself into the moment with my sense of touch. I spend a couple of seconds rolling the necklace through my fingers and tuning into the feeling of it. With the aromatic body mist, I keep it on my desk and every few hours or so, I'll pick it up and spray it around, taking a few seconds to close my eyes and inhale the lovely smell. Both of these tools help to remind me of my mindfulness practice and also bring me into the moment by allowing me to appreciate the experiences of using them.

I hope you enjoy trying out these four mindfulness practices at work! For more mindfulness inspiration, head to my website here or check out my podcast, The Mindful Kind, here.

Rachael Kable is a mindfulness mentor, blogger and host of her number 1 podcast, The Mindful Kind. When she's not writing or supporting wonderful women to create meaningful mindfulness practices, you'll find Rachael cuddling her fun-loving pooch, finding zen within the four corners of her yoga mat, re-reading Elizabeth Gilbert's "Big Magic" or lovingly cooking up a storm. You can find Rachael's website at, with access to her inspirational blog, a mindfulness interview series, e-books, The Mindful Kind podcast and exciting information about working with her.