5 Advanced Tips to Craft a compelling Meta description

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Online Marketing

5 Advanced Tips to Craft a compelling Meta description

The most important reason for writing any article is for it to be read. That’s when the intended knowledge or information is passed. We put our readers in mind when we write, but can’t make the readership compulsive.


Readers click to read through any content when they’re aware of the information and the knowledge embedded in that content.


Many believed that meta description doesn’t have any growth impact on search engines. Arguably, I think it does. The click- through process of the user for any particular link is a factor into the search algorithm, this is called the user behavior.


This means that CTR (Click through Rate) is part of the algorithm process. And if CTR is essentially part of the algorithm process, then, only one feature is important to better CTR from SERP (Search Engine Result Page). And that is the Meta Description.


Meta description is the short description of a page content that appears immediately after the link that leads to the content. The aim is to make a searcher become a site visitor.

Nonetheless, should you need greater CTR on your newly completed blog post? These are some advanced tips to craft a must-click Meta description.



Be direct

The direction of the page content should be vividly stated in the first sentence.

Provide a short, quick and direct definition of the whole page. Before a searcher will take the pain to make that click, he should already have an idea of where to land. 


Be persuasive

Most killer meta description always has an ounce of persuasion in them. Careful tweaks of the description to reasonably convince the searcher that what he’s about to click will surpass his imagination.

This is like a CTA (call to action) but I don’t always call it that. Either directly or indirectly, a great meta description gets you make a click.


Create slight curiosity

Meta description with slight curiosity gets more clicks than those that don’t. Slight curiosity puts your reader in a state of inquisition where they are eager to know what exactly is in the content. This needs a great deal attention before putting to use so as not to ruin the curiosity.


Use unique words

When drafting your meta description, be sure to utilize unique words. The words which users are likely to use in their search queries. These words will connect and give your readers the mindset that they are about to click the right path. And, this will take you up the Google search.


Use reasonable character length

The acceptable number of characters for meta description is 156. Some SEO writers feel it is more but not beyond 160 characters. Just as Google trim search words when they are off the reasonable length, they trim your meta description too. This may cause a huge break in connection with your readers. Avoid quotation marks too, they get trimmed.



The compelling meta description is your opportunity to make a mere searcher become your visitor. It’s a short channel which directs prospective fans and loyalists to your site. Neglecting or not crafting it the right way may cost you a ton of CTR thereby sending your potential clients elsewhere.

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