5 Affirmations to Love Your Body and Own Your Awesomeness

Affirmations can be a good pick me up when you're feeling crappy about yourself, your body and those 20 pounds you think you need to lose.

They can work wonders in shifting all the negative crap that's on repeat over and over in your mind. Affirmations perform their magic on a subconscious level to re-vamp all the critical things you tell yourself on a daily basis.

So keep these five affirmations to love your body handy when you need a good pick me up (bonus points if you pick one a day and recite it for a week!)

1. This one speaks the truth. You are a unique, beautiful person. Don't believe me? Try saying this five times a day for a whole week and see how much your perspective around yourself changes.


2. The key to letting go of judging, berating and criticizing yourself? Accepting yourself in this exact moment. Not for the rest of your life. But just for right now, in this moment. It's those little mindset shifts, moment by moment, that add up to big changes.


3. Sometimes, all we need is permission. Go ahead... look at all the things you DO like about yourself. It'll shift your view to start to notice what's right about yourself :)


4. It all begins with love and kindness. Lasting change never comes through punishing and hating ourselves. Give yourself some sweet compassion. It'll shift everything.


5. This is my favorite affirmation of all time. Feel it within your heart and every inch of your being. This hits at the deep core of truth: you are enough. Without changing, fixing, or doing anything else.


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