5 Amazing Benefits of Kissing

How often do you kiss your partner?

And I don't mean just a peck on the cheek or a brief meeting of the lips in passing. I mean a moment in time when your lips meet and for a few seconds, that's all that you're focused on. Taking in the closeness of your bodies. Getting a whiff of their being. Forgetting about the towels that you left in the washing machine for 48 hours that you're going to have to re-wash because they smell moldy, wasting yet more of the planet's water supply.

If you're like most people, including myself, the answer would be no, you don't get fully entrenched in a real kiss that often.

But we're missing out one of intimacy's basic building blocks -- one that has so many physical and emotional benefits.

Kissing is so important that there is even a name for the scientific study of making out and swapping spit: philematology. (Imagine if your kid came up to you one day and said, "Hey Mom, I want to grow up to be a philematologist." I would be so proud. My nickname in college was "Lips.")

Here are some of the benefits of locking lips with your other:

  1. Kissing is a moment of intimacy that is possible to squeeze in to your otherwise hectic schedule.

  • The act of standing still and focusing on each other increases the body's oxytocin, which is a bonding hormone.
  • It's a unique way to reaffirm to your partner the uniqueness of your relationship. They're the only one you share this closeness with.
  • Kissing can be great foreplay. Deep french kissing has been known to stir the hearts and groins of many.
  • Kissing every day plays a key part in keeping a relationship strong. Try it. Make it a habit.

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