5 Apps And Sites To Help Feed Your Wanderlust

We're big fans of apps that help us plan trips we're actually taking, but we're also fans of apps (and sites, for that matter) that help feed our sense of wanderlust.

Here are five of our new (in some cases new-ish) favorites that make the idea of traveling the world that much more interesting and enjoyable:

Want to share your travel pics with more than just your friends? Head to Trover, where you can upload your shots to the site or free app, so people can cruise your photos for ideas about where to go in different spots around the globe. It's been aptly described as Instagram meets Yelp, and we dig it.

If you feel like crowd-sourcing your next trip--or just checking out your area more--try out Findery. Basically, you can geotag public or private notes based on cool experiences, finds or little-known facts using text, images, video and sound. It's a great way to explore on-the-go, but an even better resource to just see what's around you that you don't yet know about.

Historvius' Roman Ruins HD app for iPad culls through 350 Roman sites with roughly 1,500 photos, so you can explore some of the world's most famous ruins without leaving home. The app currently costs $9.99.

If you're heading to San Francisco, NYC, Austin, Houston or LA (or if you live there), be sure to download Localeur, which offers locals' opinions on everything--what to eat, shop, do, see, etc. It's a great way to even discover your own city.

So, you're booking a trip with friends and everyone has an opinion on where to stay. Instead of making one person the hotel finder, you can all be the hotel finder with ShareTrips. It's a way to sync all your screens together so you can jointly decide on your hotel of choice. It's not available for flights, but how great would that be, too?

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