Roundup: Apps That Turn Doing Chores Into A Game (For iPhone, iPad, Android and Web)

5 Apps That Turn Doing Chores Into A Game

Pulling a child away from an X-Box to clean her room or take out the trash can be, well...a chore. But what if the key to getting kids to handle their own household responsibilities came neatly packaged in electronic game form?

Enter a slew of apps for mobile phones, iPads and the web that make charts and stickers seem oh so passé.

While each program has different perks -- some morph your children into chore-battling avatars! -- they all make the daily grind of getting tasks done a lot smoother and, dare we say it, fun.

Vote on the high-tech options we’ve found below and let us know about any apps we’ve missed in the comments!

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5 Apps For Chores

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