5 authentic ways to grow as an entrepreneur that doesn't involve making more money.

Hey there, what’s your definition of being an entrepreneur?

When you decided to start your business, you obviously wanted to have financial freedom and be in control of your own time. You also wanted to have 10k, 20k, and even 40k months and go full-time if you so desire.

But like a minority of business owners out there, my definition of entrepreneurship isn’t having a big list, having regular 10k months, or going full time. Nope, I don’t let huge financial gains dictate my narrative and never will, now or in the future. What’s important to me is my own growth as an entrepreneur.

Let me explain. I never said it’s wrong for you to make more money or dream about going full-time. However, my refusal to sprinkle the promise of regular 10k months and going full-time all over my marketing is because:

1) I don’t believe in selling that dream to everyone.

I am a part-time entrepreneur who has no dreams of going full-time anytime soon. I love “real life” my job as a Nursing Station Technician and dream to be a licensed Registered Nurse soon. As a result, it is important for me to build a business that I realistically want...at this point in time.

2) I haven’t had any 10k months yet.

Honesty sells, folks. I don’t believe the hype and strategy of lying on the beach with a glass of wine and telling everyone my business made me afford that. I’m not slamming anyone who does, and yes, I do get envious sometimes when I see pretty pictures of business coaches on social media.

But my point is this: my presence in the copywriting industry is not to promise you a lifestyle of wealth. My job as a copywriter is to give you the skills you need to know exactly what your ideal clients want and profit by doing so, so that you can choose to create a lifestyle of wealth. Again, if you so desire.

That’s the difference. And it matters a lot.

So, how do you grow as a soulful, authentic entrepreneur who also wants to be profitable?

1) Start before you are ready.

This good old saying is true. I waited for so long to call myself a writer because of several excuses: I couldn’t write like my favorite writers, I either sounded too preachy or too weak, my phone isn’t an iPhone, I have to lose 5 lbs first. Folks, this is legit––I’m not making this up.

Growth is not something that descends on you when you scream “now!” Growth as a business owner comes like a teacher: she leaves you to figure out your homework then comes show you how to do it after you seek for help. The experience of wanting, wandering and eventually finding your way back is what defines growth. 

And this is why you need to start before you are ready. Your mind is very plastic. Plus, you are in the best frame of mind to try seemingly stupid things because that is how you make the most incredible mistakes which will make great stories later.

2) If it is so good it scares you, do it anyway.

You’ve got big scary, audacious business goals, right?

Do it. Thing of it as this: placing one brick on another. It doesn’t look pretty doing it. It’s not even a house yet. But you’re building something you are going to live in soon.

Let me clarify this. Your goals aren’t dependent on what you have right now. The truth is that achieving your goals depends on how much you are willing to work for what’s in front of you. In other words, you have to have pretty big, pretty, and sometimes scary vision ahead of you. In front of you. Which means you are working constantly to get there.

So, don’t scare yourself out of the game. Take it one step at a time. Again, focus!

3) Hustling without skill is useless

This isn’t going to be long at all. If you can’t do what you said you would do, re-think your path. You are not stupid. You are not dumb. Don’t spend too much time designing business cards and websites to attract clients when you can’t give them results. Do something else. Switch. Swerve. Say bye Felicia.

Yes, sometimes you’ve got the skills but it’s not the right time to do that thing. So, do something else and come back to that thing.

4) Your mindset is the single most important determinant of your success.

The number one way to grow your wealth physically and figuratively is to have your mind on your team.

Whether you’re gonna be rich or poor, it all starts with getting your mind in a place of wealth. I haven’t read any wealth consciousness books––I intend to, but I know that the basics of committing to something as grueling and lonely as entrepreneurship is taming your mind.

You can’t have a mindset of defeat and plan to make a million dollars in a year at the same time. Everything you want in life starts with strategically setting yourself up. You may not know it, but when you train your mind to work with you and not against you, you feel as if you’re getting everything you want without “suffering” for them.

5) Rest.

You need it more than you can possibly imagine. To do great, meaningful work, you need to step away from the things that consume you the most. This means social media, politics, your business...and yes, your cell phone.

Don’t let the hustle consume your daily life. The hustle doesn’t leave after a certain period; it’s always there. Never changing, never partial to hard work.

So, why don’t you quit hustling and reconnect with yourself every once in a while?

That’s it, folks. Got other authentic ways to grow as an entrepreneur? Share in the comments below!

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