5 Awesome Gay Hangouts In Quito, Ecuador

Gay guide to Quito by the Nomadic Boys
Gay guide to Quito by the Nomadic Boys

Quito is a long and narrow shaped city in the Guayllabamba river basin with the Andes mountains on either side. The majority of the gay scene of Quito can be found in the touristic Mariscal area, located North from the UNESCO listed Old Town.

Following our trip there last year, here’s our 5 favourite gay hangouts in this awesome mountain city:


The largest club in Quito, with 3 different names: Discotheque Tercer MilenioEvolution and El Hueco. Despite its many names, everyone knows it as just El Hueco. It attracts a mixed crowd of locals, foreigners, twinks, bears, transexuals – everyone! El Hueco is located at Baquedano 188 y Reina Victoria and is only open on Saturday evenings from around 11pm.


Capri is a recently opened discoteca, offering free bar from 10pm to 1:30am for $10 entry. It is located at Avenue Joaquín Pinto E515 with Juan León Mera street and open Wednesdays to Saturdays from 9pm to 2:30am.


Kika is like El Hueco but smaller. It has an open bar with entrance fee before midnight and then turns into a fun disco playing the best Latino pop music. Kika is located at Japón E569 with Avenida Amazonas and open Thursday to Saturday from 9pm to 4am.


Disco Bitch is the place to come on Friday nights to party with the twinks of Quito. The crowd is largely teenagers and early twentysomethings dancing to Shakira, Ricky Martin and other latino pop classics. Disco Bitch is located at Avenida 6 de Diciembre with Avenida de la Republica, diagonal to La Paz Ecovía station and is only open on Friday evenings after 11pm.


A chiva is an alternative to going out to a gay club is to arrange a chiva with your friends. Chivas are small commuter buses that have been converted into the ultimate party experience, Quito style with DJ booth, obligatory stripper dance pole and gallons of canelazo to be consumed. Sometimes they even have a live band on board.

To find out more about the gay scene of Ecuador’s capital and best gay friendly places to stay, check out our gay guide to Quito.

Sharing a romantic moment in Quito
Sharing a romantic moment in Quito