Chris Brown, Prince Harry, Other Bad Boyz Who May Or May Not Be Using Charity To Repair Their Image

It seems like more often than not lately, celebrity bad boys make headlines for the decisions that could land them in the slammer or at the very least, make their moms hang their heads in shame. But even some of the worst offenders know better than to only leave behind a trail of sins.

The five famous guys below have tarnished images, but are working to get their reputations out of the gutter by putting their money and names behind noteworthy causes, and, of course, pairing the effort with a pic that makes you go "Awww."

prince harry

Prince Harry can be a royal pain in the butt. Literally. Last summer, this regal bad boy bore his privates to the world when nude photos of him playing strip billiards in Las Vegas were leaked. But Will’s little bro has since cleaned up his traveling act. Harry spent time with disadvantaged African children in February and is planning a trip to the U.S. to visit vets and Hurricane Sandy victims, all activities that require being fully clothed.

chris brown

Sure, Chris Brown apologized, and Rihanna forgave him. But even though he may never get back into public's good graces, the defamed rapper is apparently set on proving he's a changed man. His recently-launched charity, the Symphonic Love Foundation, and artist Romero Britto joined forces to paint a graffiti mural to raise funds for Best Buddies International, an organization that supports people with developmental disabilities.

charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen is perhaps best known for dropping thousands on prostitutes and cocaine, but the troubled star has also been throwing money at worthy causes as of late. The former “Two and a Half Men” star gave $75,000 to a young girl with cancer in December, pledged $50,000 last summer to the Cincinnati Reds Fund, which helps improve the lives of youth in the community, and in February, he bought a therapy dog for a girl who was injured in a freak amusement park accident.

kobe bryant

A 2003 sexual assault charge marred his reputation, but Kobe Bryant says that the experience has made him a “better person.” Part of his image makeover included opening the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation, a nonprofit that’s working to end youth homelessness in Los Angeles. The Lakers star also turned an injury into a positive moment when he auctioned off the facemask he wore after breaking his nose to raise funds for his charity.

ray lewis

What murder charge? Ray Lewis was charged, and eventually acquitted, in the 2000 deaths of two Atlanta men, but the public seems to have long forgiven the Super Bowl champion. He helped gain the favor of fans by getting involved with people in need in Baltimore. He launched theRay Lewis Foundation, a nonprofit that helps disadvantaged youth and families and the famed linebacker distributes school supplies to needy kids and provides toys for kids at Christmas.

What do you think? Do these bad boyz have their hearts in the right place now or are these simply charity stunts? Let us know in the comments below!



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