5 Benefits of Wanting Something You Don’t Have

The feeling of wanting something can be harnessed like an internal engine, strongly propelling you in the direction of your d
The feeling of wanting something can be harnessed like an internal engine, strongly propelling you in the direction of your desire.

I'm pretty sure just about everyone wants something they don't have, at least at some point. Even friends of mine who are independently wealthy, or have jobs, bodies, or relationships that they love, really want certain things that, for whatever reason, they don’t have (not yet anyway).

It might be a desire for things, for love, for time, but no matter how much abundance you already have, there are almost always things that remain wanting.

Some people strive to become totally free from desire, to find peace and acceptance in what is. But not me. I embrace my desire! Desire is what points me in the right direction and drives me forward. Of course, it can feel really uncomfortable (or worse) to want something that you don't have. But here are five benefits you can consider if this is something you’re currently experiencing:

1. Wanting something motivates you.

I desire love, financial abundance, comfort, adventure, fun, clarity, connection, health, inspiration, and so much more, for myself and many others—and those desires inspire my everyday choices. If I didn't want those things, what would drive me to take the actions I take? The feeling of wanting something can be harnessed like an internal engine, strongly propelling you in the direction of your desire.

2. Wanting creates wonderful clarity.

When I know what want, I know what I don't want—and vice versa. And the more desperately I want something, the clearer I become. Few things feel better than clarity—yet getting to that point of clarity is usually a process. Along the way to achieving your heart's desires, you learn and further clarify what you truly want.

3. Wanting gives you something to look forward to.

How fun is it to anticipate an upcoming vacation or a meal at your favorite restaurant? Why can't it be fun to look forward to the "big" things we want in life too? Even the things we don't know how we will get. You probably wouldn’t like it if everything you could ever wish for came to you all at once. You would rather savor it, appreciate the process of receiving it, and spread out your desires so that you can keep wanting and receiving things throughout your life.

4. Wanting something gives you a chance to practice your manifestation skills.

When I really want something that I don’t have, I do my best to shift my perspective from wanting it to expecting it. I believe the theory that we create our own reality, and I like to test this concept every time I want something. One of the most powerful tools I've found to turn desires into reality in my own life is the practice of taking things less seriously, and finding joy in the process, not just the manifestation.

5. It's about the journey, not the destination.

Wanting something very, very much—and then getting it—feels so much better than having everything handed to you on a silver platter. Those are the juiciest experiences in life. And along the way, what you thought you wanted might not end up being what you wanted at all. But how will you grow, and what will you learn along the way? It's the journey that counts.

Desire can break us open—like the shell surrounding a seed must crack before it can sprout. But will you let your desire take you down when it cracks you open? Will you crumble from the sadness of not having what you want? Or will you rise to the occasion, and ride the wave of powerful intention that your desire creates in you—all the way to a great adventure?

Personally, I want to keep having desires. There are so many things that I want, for myself and many others. But most of all, I want to remember that my desires are a gift—they are a focal point that I can aim toward, while I enjoy myself along the journey to them.

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