These 5 Awesome Best Friends Will All Be Going To MIT Together

These 5 Awesome Best Friends Will All Be Going To MIT Together

Massachusetts, get ready for the “MIT 5.”

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) recently announced that five students from Polytechnic High School will be attending MIT in the fall. What’s more, these 5 students happen to be close friends, according to NBC Los Angeles.

“I am in awe of our MIT 5,” said Ari Bennett, principal of Polytechnic High School in a LAUSD statement. “Each one represents the caliber and high standards of our Math/Science Magnet at Poly. Congratulations to these wizards of technology who will change the world one atom at a time.”

GiMin Choi, who was accepted to MIT with Raymundo Cano, Andrew Koh, Kevin Escobar Rodriguez and William Lopez-Cordero, says he is especially happy he gets to share his journey to college with friends.

"To be honest with you, I cried," student GiMin Choi, who plans to study environmental engineering or computer science, told NBC. "The fact that all of us got it in, it’s just more happiness to share"

Student Kevin Escobar Rodriguez, who wants to work in robotics, said he is excited their "little crew is going to stay together."

However, he told CBS Los Angeles they most likely will not room together at MIT.

“We will try to get into the same dorm and like, stay away from rooming together, but still stay on the same floor, so we can hang out,” Rodriguez told the outlet.

Eleven students from Polytechnic High School have been accepted to MIT in the past three years, according to LAUSD.

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