5 Best Ways To Kick Start Solo Traveling For First Timers

Traveling abroad can be scary, and there is no shame at all to admit this fact. It is every ardent traveler’s dream to take a solo trip at least once in their lifetime. However, many pull themselves back due to some or the other reason. It could be the fear of getting lost, or being alone in a foreign land, or could be anything else that would refrain you from traveling solo.

But, at the same time, it gets really frustrating to go by someone else’s plans, cancel your own if others back out, or mould the dates if it doesn’t suits anyone else in the group. And, it is for this very reason that one must break all the shackles, and face the fear.

I wasn’t a solo traveler always, and despite many efforts, couldn’t take that lone trip I always wanted to.

But, eventually i did. And here is all what helped me break my way out:

1. Start with smaller steps

This is one of the best ways to commence your journey as a solo traveler. Start with short day trips to nearby towns or cities, where you leave in the morning and can easily return by late evening.

Not only will this open you up to take public transport for longer journeys, but also will let you explore your neighbourhood cities and towns. Gradually, you can start taking trips to faraway cities and may be to other states all together.

Give yourself enough time to get accustomed to traveling alone through intercity public transports, and eventually you’ll be able to go long without any hesitation.

2. Take up a job abroad

This is one way that many take to break away from being dependent on other groups to plan a trip. Taking up a job overseas would not only take you to a foreign land, but will also lay the foundation for your journey as a solo traveler.

All your fears of traveling alone will vanish as soon as you take your first flight to work. This opportunity leaves your mind with no more excuses to come up with to not to go solo.

And, since, all it takes is that first step, there is no looking back once you begin your journey.

3. Take a volunteer trip abroad

This was something that helped me out to face the fear and begin my journey as a solo traveler. And not just as a traveler, but it made me a responsible traveler.

Volunteer travel is one of the best ways to not only begin your solo venture, but also to meet new people, make friends from across the world, understand different cultures and traditions, and more; all this while making a significant difference to the society.

And, when you have so many other like minded people around you, there is no scope of worrying about getting lost or being alone. The important thing you need to do, is to choose volunteer organization carefully. There are a number of volunteer placement agencies that offer some great and affordable projects like Peace Corp, Gooverseas, Volunteering Solutions, Volunteer Match etc.

4. Visit a friend or relative

This is another way you can begin your solo travel life. In today’s time of globalization and international work opportunities, there are high possibilities that each of one us has that, at least, one friend or relative who’s living abroad.

Even if you haven’t been in touch with them from a while, it’s time that you do. Take a week or two off, and go ahead with your trip abroad.

This will open you up for new places, new opportunities, new time zones, and every thing new (almost) you’ve ever wanted. Trust me, you won’t need any other relative or friend after this.

5. Learn from other’s experience and apply

Learning! This is one thing in our lives that never ends; it should not. Meet others like you, who have always wanted to take solo trips and have achieved the feat.

Learn about their stories and how did they took their first solo trip. What all problems did they faced and how did they overcome them all. Not only will this give you the solution to your problems, but also a lot of motivation and courage to pack your bags and leave; a much needed thing.

During my life as a traveler, the one thing that i have learnt is that, all it takes is that first step you take to move towards your destination. The courage to go on, then keeps unfolding itself gradually.

Have you taken your first step yet!?

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