5 Body Language Tips for Entrepreneurs

Are you new to the wonderful world of entrepreneurship? Simple trying to improve your sales pitch? Whatever the case, body language goes a long way.

As an entrepreneur, all eyes are on you. This holds true when interviewing job applicants, meeting with clients, and prospecting for new business.

Not only do you have to dress to impress, but you also need to use positive body language signals to your advantage.

Let’s get down to it. Here are 5 body language tips for entrepreneurs.

1. Make Eye Contact

Good eye contact can be the difference between connecting with the other person and falling short of having a meaningful conversation. Here are some tips:

Keep your head up and make eye contact when shaking hands

Maintain solid eye contact during the conversation

Remember to blink every now and again (you don’t want to come across as creepy)

Eye contact is essential to making a connection and promoting a comfortable conversation. There is never a good time to stare at the ground, or take your eyes to another part of the room.

Constantly suffering from red or itchy eyes?

If you wear contacts, pop in a fresh pair and make sure your eyes are moisturized. Run by the drugstore for allergy medication if the weather is aggravating your allergies.

Wear glasses? Since you’ll be making plenty of eye contact, purchase and wear high quality frames that aren’t too pricey but still deliver the style you need to succeed. You can find a variety of styles from the comfort of your home with stores like Glasses Gallery, or Amazon.

2. Stand Up Straight

Do you find yourself slouching from time to time? Do you stand sideways to avoid being seen?

Forget about all this. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to take up space. This means many things, such as:

Standing up straight

Keeping a wide stance

Maintaining proper posture

At first, you may find yourself going back to your old habits. With practice, however, this will soon become second nature.

3. Avoid Nervous Habits

You know what this means. Some people bite their nails when they are nervous. Other people twirl their hair or twiddle their fingers. And then there are those who take off their glasses and chew on the temples.

The first thing you need to do is become familiar with your nervous habits. Once you know what these are, you can take steps in avoiding them in the future and even zap out of them. Products like Pavlok have been successful in doing just this.

4. Use Your Hands (But Don’t Go Crazy)

Talking with your hands is one of the best ways to show your passion and get your point across. It’s also a great way to avoid partaking in a nervous habit, such as biting your nails.

There’s only one thing to remember: you aren’t in a nightclub. There is nothing wrong with talking with your hands, but you aren’t John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

It’s unnatural to have an entire conversation without moving your hands, so don’t be afraid to put them in motion.

5. Take Notes

There are times when it makes perfect sense to take notes during a conversation. For example, if you’re meeting with a prospect for the first time, you may want to jot down ideas and follow-up questions.

Let the other person know that you’re taking notes, as you don’t want them to think you’re being disrespectful. This is as simple as saying, “I’m just taking a few notes to ensure that I don’t forget anything we discuss.”

The only thing you want to avoid is a situation in which you’re writing for an extended period of time. If your head is down and your hand is moving for a couple minutes, the other person may become annoyed and bored with the conversation.

So, even if you are taking notes, be sure to acknowledge the other person in some way, such as with a short verbal response.


As a new entrepreneur, you’re excited about your career path. You’re ready to meet new people, grow your business, and make serious money.

If you want to reach all your goals, you need to realize the power of positive body language no matter how successful you are (or will become). What you say is important, but people are also looking at your mannerisms and how you carry yourself. Don’t ever forget this.

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