5 Budget-Friendly Way to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Friends

Single this February?

Significant other traveling for work?

Just not into all the overpriced romance?

I've put together 5 fun and inexpensive ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with or without a significant other! My best friends and I actually plan on following a few of these ideas ourselves this weekend.

1) Throw a board game party! Last year, my husband and I attended a board game party hosted by our good friend. Even if you're not into the really competitive games like Power Grid, RISK, and Railroad Tycoon, you and your friends can enjoy a day of Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Monopoly, Cranium, and Settlers of Catan. If you're feeling really wild, check out Lords of Waterdeep, a personal favorite.

2) Host an at-home spa day! You can make this a Ladies Night if you wish, but I know more than a few men who enjoy pampering too. Light some candles, pass around the sparkling wine, and indulge in some relaxation! Manicures, pedicures, and facials are easy to do at home. This year, make Valentine's Day all about self-care.

3) Join the #LoveBlog challenge! This month, I'm hosting a daily challenge for both bloggers and for anyone on Instagram. Get together with your friends and create an Instagram scavenger hunt based on the prompts. If you feel like rocking solo this Valentine's Day weekend, write a few blog posts and share them on my blog. Be creative! Have fun!

4) Go shopping! My friends and I are hitting up the outlet malls this weekend. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect white button-up shirt.

5) Make Valentines! Who doesn't love a good crafting party?! Get together construction paper, old magazines, ribbon, tape, scissors, and glue. Tap into your inner child and make a beautiful valentine. Bonus: After you and your friends are done, take your valentines to a nursing home and hand them out to the residents. Note: You should arrange this visit with an employee ahead of time.

Need more ideas? Check out the original post How to Survive Valentine's Day When You're Single and/or Broke.

How are you celebrating Valentine's Day (or weekend) this year? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Brita is a freelance writer and copywriter who founded the Christian feminist lifestyle blog Belle Brita, where she regularly writes about dating, sex and marriage. Keep up with her adventures on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.