Call 5 Lawmakers In 5 Minutes To Demand Action With This New Website

“You just have to call.”
The 5 Calls website encourages voters to make five phone calls in five minutes.
The 5 Calls website encourages voters to make five phone calls in five minutes.
5 Calls

Americans are ticked off, and they want to take action. Now a new website is making it easier than ever for voters to quickly and effectively call their lawmakers.

5 Calls encourages progressives to make five phone calls in five minutes on key topics such as Cabinet appointments, the border wall and immigration. Just enter a zip code, and the left-leaning website will provide a list of names, phone numbers and even short scripts.

“We do the research for each issue, determining out which representatives are most influential for which topic, collecting phone numbers for those offices and writing scripts that clearly articulate a progressive position,” the website states. “You just have to call.”

Each call should take a minute, or less.

While many voters like to email or leave Facebook messages for their representatives, there’s evidence that phone calls are the best way to influence lawmakers. Early this year, House Republicans abandoned an attempt to cripple their ethics watchdog amid a flood of angry phone calls. And last year, a former Congressional staffer said the most effective way to contact a representative was with a phone call.

The new website not only assists voters in making those calls, it also helps them keep track of who they’ve spoken to and which issues were covered.

While the 5 Calls’ scripts push a liberal agenda, they’ve made their software open source so that anyone can adapt it.

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