5 Cat Lady Myths That Just Aren't True

Let's face it: whether we have dogs, ferrets, birds or cats, we're all pretty crazy about our pets. So, why are women with cats commonly called "crazy cat ladies," as though they've just been branded with the scarlet letter? The truth is that this stereotype is ridiculous, and women should own it.

Here are some issues with this stereotype, and reasons why we should stop stereotyping and start owning the love we have for our cats:

1. Women with cats are spinsters

There are so many stereotypes associated with having cats, and being a spinster is one of them. It seems as though some people assume that if a woman has multiple cats and lives alone, she is obviously a crazy spinster who will die alone in her home, carpeted with cats. This stereotype, however, makes absolutely no sense. If we choose to live alone with cats, chances are that we probably just love animals and haven't found someone we want to live with. Or we prefer the sanctity and privacy of living alone. I don't need to own cats to be a spinster. I can accomplish this status with dogs or hamsters. So let's stop assuming that women with cats will never get a date and live well into their 90s while spending their days smelling like cat urine and wearing sweaters covered in cat hair.

2. Single women are the only ones who have cats.

Has anyone ever noticed that the stereotype is directed only toward women? Yeah. There's something wrong with this. Men own and love cats, too -- and yes, there are single men who own and live with cats. So why isn't there a crazy cat man label? It seems as though the stereotype is a bit sexist and implies that it's OK for a man to be single, but if a woman is, she obviously will never find a suitable mate and will doomed to an eternity of pooper scoopers and hairball medicine. Do we realize how ridiculous this is yet?

Sadly, it isn't only men who label women in this manner. We do it to ourselves. At some point in time, you have most likely heard someone say that you'll end up alone with a hundred cats after a breakup. This is silly. Chances are, you will find your soul mate. And in the meantime, if you want to live alone with your cats, there is nothing wrong with that.

What really should be said here is that the woman is obviously not afraid to be independent. She doesn't need a man to keep her company. A little furry companionship is all the love she needs for the moment, and she's not afraid to admit it. So hold your head high, ladies -- you're not destined for spinsterhood!

3. Women with cats alienate themselves.

It seems as though women with cats are rumored to live their lives in total isolation. When we envision the stereotypical cat lady, we think of someone who hoards loads of cats and never leaves the confinement of her home. This is also not true. There are plenty of women who own cats, and they happen to live perfectly normal lives outside of their homes. Katy Perry is one of these women. With three cats, one cleverly named Kitty Purry, Katy definitely does not fit the crazy cat lady stereotype. In fact, she exudes fierce independence -- and so should you.

4. All cat ladies are cat hoarders.

Most of the time, people who own a ton of cats either breed or rescue them. They are doing a wonderful act of kindness, and devote their lives to bettering the lives of animals in need. Without them, a countless number of cats would be left homeless -- or worse -- killed. So, let's give a hand to our furry guardians and let's think before we call someone crazy for having multiple cats.

5. Cat ladies are the only ones who are crazy about their pets.

On its most basic level, this stereotype is unfair simply because people everywhere own numerous pets. Some people are dog people and own multiple dogs, while others like reptiles and own numerous lizards. Regardless of the animal, we almost never hear about anyone being labeled as crazy for having more than one dog, reptile, or fish. We all love our furry friends (and we might be a little crazy about them), but that's OK! No one should be put down because they prefer one type of animal over another.

The real truth about cat ladies is that they are loving, compassionate, independent women who don't let vicious stereotypes stop them from loving their furry friends. So, here's a shout-out to all the cat ladies!

This post originally appeared on QuirkyDaily.com.