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5 Celebrity Beauty Brands That Are Legitimately Great

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by Christa Joanna Lee, Teen Vogue

Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics

It's difficult to find a celebrity these days who doesn't have a multihyphenate title: Actor/model/singer/dancer/[insert special skill here]. These days, it seems like the next step is adding "beauty entrepreneur" to their ever-expanding résumés and for the celebs ahead, it's way more than simply slapping their name on a product. The ones that are truly passionate about beauty are invested in the formulas, the scents, the colors -- down to the design of the packaging. We've rounded up a few stars who have taken their talents to the beauty industry with products that are so good, we'd totally buy them even if they didn't have the name attached.

Courtesy of Sephora

1. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo

The celebs: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Why we love it: Following the success of the Olsen twins' Elizabeth and James fashion label, they launched two fragrances called Nirvana Black and Nirvana White that soon turned into a bona-fide beauty line with a body oil, hand cream, and this amazing dry shampoo. Not only does the micro powder formula instantly soak up oil and add that cool-girl texture the sisters are famously known for, but it smells amazing, too. It's lightly perfumed with Nirvana Black's violet, sandalwood, and vanilla blend that smells even better as the day goes on. It's basically a dry shampoo unicorn.

Courtesy of Sephora

Why we love it: Kendall Jenner -- mega model, social media guru, beauty star, and the face of Estée Lauder's new sister line, the Estée Edit -- designed this custom palette for the brand. It's pretty much everything you want in an eyeshadow palette: Neutral and flattering colors in matte and shimmery textures that you can wear every day or for a special night out. Then, there's the Silver and Gold Blacklight Transformer shades, which can be applied over any shadow for a sheer layer of extra shimmer and makes your eyeshadow glow in the dark under a blacklight. It's as unexpected and cool as Kendall's beauty looks on the red carpet.

Courtesy of Eyeko

3. Eyeko Eye Do Mascara and Liquid Liner

The celeb: Alexa Chung

Why we love it: Copying Alexa Chung's perfect cat eye is possible thanks to this mascara and liquid eyeliner duo from Eyeko, a British brand that Alexa's been loyal to for years. Alexa helped redesign the packaging (even using her actual handwriting on the tubes) and though it was meant to be a limited-edition collection when it launched in 2013, we were happy to still spot it on Eyeko's site. Word to the wise: Stock up while you can.

Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics

4. Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner

The celeb: Kylie Jenner

Why we love it: If you've ever looked at brown lipstick and thought that was your perfect color, you have more in common with Kylie Jenner than you thought. Ever since the Snapchat star launched her eight Lip Kits, which include a matte liquid lipstick and a matching pencil liner, the World Wide Web simply can't handle the traffic that's directed toward her site every time she restocks her inventory. There's so many people trying to get their hands on a kit that it literally breaks her website when she announces a new shipment. When you can finally log on, it's easy to see why they're in such high demand -- from a nostalgic, '90s-era brown to an Old Hollywood red, there's something for everyone.

Courtesy of Goop

5. Goop by Juice Beauty Enriching Face Oil

The celeb: Gwyneth Paltrow

Why we love it: Gwyneth's less-is-more approach to beauty -- natural makeup, glowing skin -- fits well with Juice Beauty's mission for high performance, organic ingredients that are almost clean enough to eat. Recently, the megastar partnered with the brand to launch Goop, a non-toxic skincare brand that features six products. It's star in our opinion? This nourishing face oil that's so lightweight, you can pat it over your makeup throughout the day without it becoming a smeary mess.