5 Clever Ways To Say 'No', That Won’t Hurt

5 Clever Ways To Say “No” That Won’t Hurt
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Successful people know that in order to excel at something you must develop a laser sharp focus. Is that the fun way of doing things? Not by a long shot. But it seems the only way to really master anything worth being the master at.

That’s why, really successful people have to say No to temptions. Temptations come in different forms and shapes: new ideas, new projects, new people with creative things in mind… But they understand that starting saying Yes to most of the things they get across, they’ll start losing their edge on the thing that made them unique, special, and really successful in the first place.

That’s why early on they have to learn how to say No. And deal with the consequences.

In our society saying No doesn’t have good press. You do want to help, that’s why you’re taking the time to reply properly.

1. Explain why

How sorry you’re. But you need to think the big picture, and when you do participate, you enter with both feet. But you’ve taken all your energy and commitment in the project you’re currently working on.

2. Smile is always the best lubricant

You both know you’re delivering bad news. And that she or he might get or feel hurt. But your only goal is to have the other person understand your reasons. A smile is the shortest form of communication, and be emphatize

3. End your No with a question

The energy doesn’t get stuck on your No. Do you think you can still do it, even if I’m not going to be able to help you, right? What would you do in my situation? Do you think it makes sense?

4. Keep it short

Awful tasting medicine is best to take it in one seating, and get done with it. Same thing here.

5. The sooner the better

As most of the bad news, the sooner is always the better. Maybe the other person is considering other options, so the better she or he knows, the better.

If the “bad news” to the other party is not delivered in person, it’ll be less uncomfortable for you, but we suggest you still take the time to cover the 5 points mentioned above.

The floor is yours...

How did you handle a difficult situation where you had to say No? What consequences did you face? Have you learned how to handle it? Please do share with our community, we know we have lots to learn from each other. Being shy doesn’t help neither of us! We want to hear from you, so please leave us a comment.


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