5 Common Roommate Problems (And How To Deal)

Unless you're one of the few students who lucks out and gets a single, almost everyone who goes away to school must deal with a roommate. Although it would be ideal to become BFF with your rando roommate, everyone doesn't always bond like Rachel, Monica and Phoebe. And because girls like to get their feelings out via emo Facebook statuses, rather than actually confronting the problem, situations tend to escalate fast.

Here are some problems you may run into within the walls of your shared space and a few solutions if/when you find yourself in a pickle.

She's sloppy: Her clothes are always on the floor and on her bed, even when she's not getting dressed. Strands of her hair line your dorm room floor. She has loose papers and party fliers sticking out of her textbooks and strewn all over her desk. And is it you, or does her side of the room smell like gym socks and onions? Unfortunately, all girls aren't all that neat, clean and prissy. Some are straight-up foul! Maybe they're used to someone else cleaning for them or maybe they're just lazy. But if you're with a sloppy sister, you will probably end up speaking to her about her hot mess on more than one occasion.

Solution: Starring at her mess with your evilest eye won't suddenly make her realize that she's too messy. Instead this is one of those situations where you're going to have to be confrontational (but NOT hostile) and ask for a compromise. You can't expect her to go from slopfest to neat freak, but you can ask her to make sure her mess doesn't invade your side of the room and that she does her best to keep all smells at a minimum. Just asking her to "be cleaner" won't get you very far. Give her clear suggestions like "please put your gym clothes immediately in your laundry and not on the floor."