5 Companies That Are Changing The Dynamics of Business Travel

5 Companies That Are Changing The Dynamics of Business Travel
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The long slog of living life on the road can be difficult at best, hellish at worst. But there is hope: some of the best startups gaining traction right now are companies that will disrupt the travel industry for the better.

These companies make business travel easier, faster, and give your travel life ease like never before. From sending your clothes ahead of you to booking a car that is waiting for you outside baggage claim, you'll want to see what these companies have to offer.

1. Skurt

When you get off a long flight, the last thing you want to do is stand in line for your rental car, then trek out to the parking lot to pick it up. Skurt eliminates all of those problems with one sleek app: scan your license, choose a car and a delivery address, and Skurt will deliver your car to where you choose. Sign for the car on your Skurt agent's phone, and away you go. No lines, no waiting, no paperwork.

2. VisitorsCoverage

Whether you are an international business traveller, have visitors coming to stay with you, or are just someone who travels often, insurance is something you will need. VistorsCoverage is an unbiased resource that compares medical insurance coverage from many different reputable agencies, so that you or your guests feel safe. VisitorsCoverage even offers insurance for extreme sports like rock climbing or skydiving!

3. Uber

The newest innovation from consummate disruptors Uber is an Auto-Expense feature that sends your travel receipts automatically to Certify, Chrome River, or Expensify. This follows Uber for Businesses rollout in November of a feature that allows users to toggle between personal or business accounts, making business travel that much easier.

4. Loungebuddy

Airport lounges aren't just for the elite anymore. Loungebuddy knows that on a long layover there's nothing like a shower or a nap in a private airport lounge, so the app takes the guesswork out of finding a lounge that's open or accessible -- to both elite members and those who want to pay a one-time fee for access. The app also keeps all of your memberships and credit card info in one place for easy access, and has photos, reviews, and lists of amenities for lounges around the world.

5. Dufl

The eternal dilemma: check your bag and hope that it makes it to your destination, or carry-on and lug your bag on and off the plane. Both are tedious, but Dufl is the choice you wish you could make -- breeze through security luggage-free. Download the Dufl app and schedule a pick up of your chosen travel clothing. Before your trip, choose your clothes virtually on the app, which Dufl then packs and sends ahead to your destination. On your way home, leave the luggage at the front desk and Dufl will pick up, clean, and store your clothing until the next time you travel. No more packing, no more dry-cleaning runs, and no more security checks.

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