5 Companies That Are Making Our Lives Easier

Simply put, technologies are making our lives easier. From buying groceries, to finding an apartment, to getting your chores done, activities and procedures are becoming more efficient as more and more of our everyday tasks are being replaced and facilitated by high-tech automated software systems. Facebook has reinvented communication, Uber has redefined transportation, and Twitter has reinvented how we share news. However, there are dozens and dozens of other equally complex and helpful systems that are right at our fingertips - yet which many of us are unaware of.

From travel to dining to transportation - here are the 6 technologies you need to start using - if you're not using them already.

1. Cypheme

If you haven't heard of them yet, you certainly will soon. Cypheme is doing more than just facilitating our social media streams and showing us pictures of friends - they are creating a system which might play a key role in our protection in the near future.

More than ever before, counterfeiting is a huge problem. In fact, counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs alone kills more than malaria. Despite its widespread, devastating effects, this topic is still the elephant in the room. Until recently, people had virtually no way of checking the authenticity of a product with certainty before buying it. In a many regions of the world, you sill cannot buy a pharmaceutical drug with the full confidence that your product wont poison you.
Cypheme empowers the consumer to have certainty of his products, within seconds. As counterfeiting continues to grow, Cypheme offers a promising solution for consumers.

2. AirBnB

It's hard to believe the craigslist was recently the go-to for apartment leases and rentals. While it now seems long overdue, AirBnB has become the first destination for anyone traveling, relocating permanently, or traveling for work. Technology has made our lives easier, and nothing evidences this more strongly than Airbnb.

3. Clowder

Manhattan has taken strides to catch up to Silicon Valley's innovative tech landscape with recent seed-stage companies taking a front row seat. Clowder, an exclusive coffee-on-demand service offers coffee enthusiasts in the FiDi the luxury of getting a coffee without leaving their desk - all for less than $5. Clowder was founded by Christine Miao and Matt Casey in New York City, two McKinsey alumni and graduates of 500 Startups, who started the company in the place people drink coffee most - New York City. Rather than tracking down a cafe and waiting in line for your order, you can log into Clowder, click a few buttons, and have your coffee delivered to your seat at work, literally. How does it work? The app utilizes proprietary technology to keep the coffee hot and delivery fast - usually within 15 minutes. Orders range from $3 to $5 - and don't worry about paying tips or delivery fees, they're both included. Best of all, the company prioritizes ethics, paying its baristas and delivery teams are all W2 workers paid a flat rate.

4. Lyft

The smaller of the two on-demand taxi giants, Lyft brings a unique twist to compete against its better-known competitor, Uber. While it doesn't offer the same availability globally, Lyft has approached the ride-sharing industry with a refreshing, agreeable twist. Lyft is known for their exceptional respect and consideration of their drivers and passengers. With a greater emphasis on driver training and certification, and the ability for riders to rate drivers (not to mention capped surcharges,) Lyft is showing the world that they care about their clients. Customer service has become an increasingly important aspect of innovation - and is a large factor many people consider when choosing a product.

5. Results on Air

With more forms of media available and more social media platforms, advertisers are becoming more particular of who they pay for advertising. Advertisers have become more stringent and demanding when it comes to analytics and reporting when it comes to the ads they are paying for. The issue is that up until recently, they had virtually no way to get this type of analytics using TV ads. ResultsOnAir created a product to help advertisers and agencies measure and boost ROI from TV ad campaigns. Their goal is to help their clients to save money and time on planning and buying TV ads, and in doing so help advertisers increase their effectiveness.

4. Pyur Solutions

One of the most fascinating and applicable advancements in technology has been in the activity in food production and agricultural markets. Pyur Solutions provide field-proven technology and have provided natural pest control solutions to the agricultural and commercial markets. Pyur Solutions strives to be a trusted name in the organic produce market and strives to provide safe and effective alternatives to conventional insecticides for leading commercial pest control services.