5 Creative Ways to Make Your Next Presentation a Memorable One

5 Creative Ways to Make Your Next Presentation a Memorable One
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Before you get on stage and simply read off your slides, make your presentation a memorable one with these five creative tips.

A. Get the Audience to Participate

It can be nerve-wracking to be up on stage, but involving your audience can solve this. Polling your audience or bringing a few people on stage to participate in a thoughtful Q&A is a great way to engage people and leave them talking about the session. You should always be the focus of your presentation, so make your slides visual and leave the story to you. - Nick Francis, The Franchise Group

A. Stop Reading

People love to be engaged, so why are you still reading your slides to your audience? There is no better way to immediately turn off your audience than to regurgitate exactly what they are looking at. Utilize a photo, graphic or visual that serves as a cue for you to share your knowledge and thought leadership. If they wanted to sign up for a book reading, they'd be at a library. - Steven Picanza, Latin & Code

A. Inspire Them

Give people something they can take home. Tell a narrative that can help them visualize your presentation in their mind and inspire them. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of laughter either; if you can make the presentation enjoyable and funny, it won't be forgotten! - Ajmal Saleem, Suprex Learning

A. Keep Stories in Your Back Pocket

People remember the emotional journeys you share, not the facts. Keep amazing, emotionally enthralling stories in your back pocket that you can share to back up points or themes in the presentation. String them up so the excitement of the stories build on each other. - Arry Yu, GiftStarter.com

A. Start With an Icebreaker

Since the atmosphere is fairly neutral during your opening, think of a good icebreaker to build rapport with your audience. Insert a video or audio clip, or use humor to engage the audience and encourage a warm, lively environment. - Nadia Hansen, Result Logix

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