5 Creepy Guy Types You'll Meet on Tinder

Tinder was a genius idea, seriously. We’re all really grateful to the team who founded Tinder, the hook-up app that has dominated the dating scene since its arrival in 2012. It’s really convenient for identifying people quickly, making instant connections only with people you find generally attractive, and finding a date when your love life is feeling pretty dry. Unfortunately, like all good things, it has its dark side ― the unbelievable amount of creeps swarming the app.

Every girl has seen, or will see, one of these guys on Tinder. It’s not possible to have a female Tinder experience otherwise. They’re forward, sexually explicit, know no boundaries, and lose their damn minds as soon as they see a match notification on their phone. It’s not your fault, girls. Some guys are just creeps. Here are five that you’ll meet on Tinder.

1. The dirty talker:

This guy’s got sex on the mind, but he’s far from subtle about it. There’s no attempts to connect here - this guy is messaging you because he’s horny right now. He might not even want to meet up in person as much as he is searching for a sexting partner for immediate gratification. Obvious signs: the first thing he does is describe in explicit detail what he would like to do to your naked body. He asks you to play twenty questions (this is always a dirty talker, girls, no exceptions). He wants to know what you’re doing right now. If you’re looking for a date - heck, if you’re looking for a satisfying hook up - move on.

2. The obsessive in love:

You swiped right because he looked cute, but 15 “hey cuties” later, you’re beginning to regret it. Maybe after one conversation you stopped feeling a connection. Maybe someone texted you and you took a bit to respond. Either way, he’s nagging you for attention, desperate for a response and eager to tell you how much he misses you. Disconnect with this obsessive, he won’t leave you alone.

3. The trust fund kid:

He’s wearing pastel shorts and boat shoes, his photos are set in a yacht and every photo carefully shows you what cufflinks and watch he’s wearing. This ultra rich douche is going to use his wealth to get attention, unlike the people you will meet on Love Dignity, and if you aren’t deeply moved by his money he’s going to be furious. These guys are usually jerks, often smug and never worth your time. Skip the trust fund baby.

4. The Misogynist:

For some reason, there are tons of these guys on Tinder. Their first message to you is something inflammatory or rude about how women belong in the kitchen. If you dare to mention feminism in your profile, he’s going to connect with you just to disparage your gender. He lives to bring women down, so naturally he’s on a dating app. Don’t just swipe r

5. That one really bizarre guy:

It’s hard to describe this one, but we’ve all gotten it. The messages he sends aren’t necessarily rude or sexual - they’re incoherent, pass off nonsensical comments as humor, and don’t follow your conversations. This is the guy who starts talking about his weird dream last night the moment you connect, or begins describing to you in detail what what he did on his grocery store run last night. Yes, it’s really weird. No, your girlfriends don’t know what’s up with this Tinder conversation either. Just delete it and forget about it.