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5 Dates Ideas When It's Cold Outside - Dating With Passports

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Dusty, white snow and a roaring fireplace - I'm not the biggest fan of the cold, but this place was magical: Welcome to Quebec City, Canada.

I have been traveling quite extensively over the past couple months with long haul flights (Indonesia 24+ hours, Argentina 7+ hours, and South Africa +10+ hours), so I welcomed the short commute. From Newark, NJ to Quebec City, Canada was only ONE HOUR AND TEN MINUTES of flight time. Before I even finished my in-flight snack, we were already descending to the city. The main attraction that brought me to Canada was the Ice Hotel - Hotel de Glace. It is the only ice hotel built out of snow in North America. Due to weather conditions, it's only open from the first week in January to the last week in March. I was determined to make this happen this year.

Quebec City has a way of making the cold fun and exciting, while most people just stay indoors. This is my list of fun dates to do while it's cold outside, enjoy!


Ever wanted to sleep in an igloo? Well, this is a great way to experience it. If you're willing to embrace the cold, The Hotel de Glace has several rooms for you to stay in. Each year they build from scratch and have a different theme. If you're not a fan of the cold, you can still tour the grounds and grab a drink at their ice bar.


Nothing says romance like a hot tub for two, especially on a cold night. I was happy to relax in several (almost ten) hot tubs at Siberia Spa. The thermal spa treatment is an alternation of hot and cold treatments followed by a relaxing period. Soothing music is played throughout the grounds. If you want to feel relaxed, this is the place to go.



3. Museum of Civilization

I have never been to Egypt, so I was drawn to this place to check our their Egyptian exhibit. I was blown away by the artifacts and the history. The museum has several exhibits focusing on ancient and current world societies. I also learned a lot about nano technology. For instance, in the move Iron Man, the suit is based off of nano technology - it should be interested to see how technology will advance the next civilization.



Who doesn't love chocolate? This was a quick stop on the way to the aquarium and I'm glad I took time for a visit. It's a small shop that offers a selection of truffles and chocolates. I enjoyed viewing how they made their creations as well as checking out some interesting art made out of chocolate.



I saw my very first polar bear. My heart stopped, because I was so excited. I thought I would have to go all the way to the Arctic to see one. Not only does the aquarium have polar bears, but a wide range of fish, seals, and arctic foxes.

If you're looking for a place to stay, I recommend The Hilton in Quebec City. It's a great hotel with an amazing location. I was walking distance to restaurants and enjoyed the view of the Parliament as well as the Fairmont Chataeu. The amenities include a restaurant and lounge on site, outdoor heated pool, and 24/7 fitness gym. Do you see where I went with that, from the chocolate museum to the gym? No
judgement if you don't go to the gym though.




Bottom line: There are a lot of dates you can enjoy in the cold weather - whether they are inside or outside - is up to you! I highly recommend visiting Quebec City. The winter wonderland awaits!

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