5 Different Website Builders For 5 Personality Types

If you are thinking about building a website and have done any research into website builders, you are probably sitting in a corner banging your head against a wall. There are so many options out there that it is easy to get overwhelmed.
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If you are thinking about building a website and have done any research into website builders, you are probably sitting in a corner banging your head against a wall. There are so many options out there that it is easy to get overwhelmed. That's why we have put together this Buzzfeed-esq guide, with 5 different personality types and their matching website builder solution. After reading, you should feel a connection with one of these 5 characters and be able to match your personality to the website builder of your dreams.

1. Stefan the Sculptor (SquareSpace)

Personality Traits: Artistic, Visually/Graphically inclined, Quirky, Creative, Edgy, Minimalist, Sophisticated

Best Website Builder Match: SquareSpace

SquareSpace is the perfect match for Stefan. The uncluttered and visually stunning themes/templates are simple, compelling, and consistent with the latest graphic design principles. Stefan is pretty tech-savvy, but doesn't want to spend hours and hours designing his site, instead focusing on his sculptural work. Squarespace fits the bill, providing him with an artistic site, an easy-to-use interface, and his own custom domain name for only $8/month. When Stefan wants to upgrade and start selling some of his work, he knows he can just pay an extra $8-20 month for some great ecommerce features.

If you are like Stefan and are looking for a sophisticated and classy site that you can have up and running in an hour or two, then SquareSpace would be a good fit.

2. Danessa the Digital Design Engineer (WordPress)

Personality Traits: Detail-oriented, Perfectionist, Build-from-the-ground-up mentality, Hands-on attitude, Tech-savvy, Basic ability to communicate in another language (Engineerese, HTML, and CSS), Quick-learner, Likes to customize

Best Website Builder Match: WordPress

Danessa is all about the details and customization. She wants to be able to tweak every aspect of her site and has the technological and basic internet coding knowledge to do so. WordPress is a perfect fit. Although known as a blogging platform, WordPress has nearly unlimited functionality due to its high number of third-party developer plug-ins, which is right down Danessa's alley. She can either build her site from the ground up using code, or get any number of customizable themes that do not require coding knowledge, but which still look great. If she wants to sell some of her design services on her site, she can. If she wants to book appointments, there's a plug-in for that. All Danessa has to pay is around $5-10/month for hosting and a custom domain from a third-party, like GoDaddy or HostGator.
If you have time, technological know-how, and a desire for customization and lots of different plug-in options, then like Danessa, you will love what WordPress has to offer.

3. Mike the Maintenance Man (Weebly)

Personality Traits: Everyman, Determined, Hard-working, Limited technological experience, "Get er done" mentality, Economical

Best Website Builder Match: Weebly

Mike has never built a website, but he has just hired several new employees and has a vision to expand his maintenance business to multiple locations. Basically, Mike is looking for a professional looking website builder that is simple to use, quick to set up, and will get the job done with little hassle. Weebly is just what Mike needs. The website builder interface is one of the easiest-to-use and most intuitive in the industry. The templates are professional but not too sophisticated, exactly the feel he is trying to communicate with his business website. Weebly will allow Mike to start with a free website and then upgrade as needed. Or, if he wants his own custom domain, he can connect one with the $4/month plan.

If you are like Mike, just looking for a simple and functional website builder that will do what you need it to do for minimal cost, then Weebly's your best bet.

4. Berenice the Business Analyst (Ocoos)

Personality Traits: No-nonsense, Business savvy, Practical, Smart, Function over form, Professional, Connected, Driven, Purposeful

Best Website Builder Match: Ocoos

Berenice has been hired to find the best website builder out there for her client's service business. She wants something that can be professionally set up, but will not cost her client thousands of dollars. Most importantly, it needs to be provide the information and services needed, without unnecessary bells and whistles that just make things more complicated. Ocoos is exactly what Berenice is looking for. For an upfront design fee of only $300-$400 Ocoos will build her a professional looking site that is functional and professional, but not too frilly. Her client's customers will be able to get on, find pertinent information, set up quotes/appointments, and select a variety of billing options specific to service businesses (certain percentage upfront, payment plans, etc). For only $35/month, Ocoos manages and updates the site as needed, which is perfect for her client who does not have time to manage a website.

If you are a looking for a website builder that will build you a site that is specifically tailored towards your service business, then Ocoos will get the job done, just like it did for Berenice's client.

5. Rajat the Retiree (Wix)

Personality Traits: Easy-going, Familial, likes quick and simple solutions, relationship-oriented, loves a good deal

Best Website Builder Match: Wix

Rajat has plenty of technological experience, but is not looking to build a super-sophisticated website. In fact, he just wants a website builder that he can use for free, to build a site for his grandson's 5th grade science class and also one for his golfing buddies, to post scramble schedules and keep track of scores to see who will get free drinks at the end of the week.

Wix is exactly what Rajat is looking for. It is free, simple, and easy-to-use. Rajat can build a variety of free websites in less than an hour. But, Wix's templates and themes are nice enough that it doesn't look like the website has only taken 15-20 minutes to create. You can drag anything anywhere on the page and it works. The link structure and html site code are not extremely SEO friendly, but Rajat is not too worried about that for these sites.

If you are just looking for a free and easy website builder for class projects, work groups, golf buddies, or something similar, then Wix is a great choice.


* All of these characters are fictional and any resemblance to real-life human beings is coincidental

*This article is not meant to be a conclusive personality-to-website builder correlation guide

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