5 Disruptive Tech Trends in 2017 

5 Disruptive Tech Trends in 2017
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Each year we rub our hands together and wait for all the cool, new tech to roll out. We admire it, play with it and ultimately critique the hell out of it. Then there's some more waiting as the inevitable updates are made. So, from one techie to another, here are five tech trends sure to disrupt the scene in 2017.

Driverless Trucks We’ve been hearing about driverless vehicles for a while, and it’s taking off with the driverless truck. It’s making major changes in the transportation industry, projecting to double the output of the U.S. transportation network at 25 percent of the cost. We’re also expecting to experience major safety benefits as the technology improves. Learn more about the progression of the driverless truck and the future of other driverless vehicles.

Virtual and Augmented Reality We're geeking out about this tech trend. How could you not? For starters, we’ve seen augmented reality in books and the kind of virtual experience that allows grandpa to stay forever young riding rollercoasters in his living room. There are increasing experiences of how virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are transforming the way some industries do business, including consumer experiences, retail and therapeutics.

Amazon Go/Grocery Store in Seattle No checkout lines. New drive up windows. What is this sorcery?! First, check out this video. It helped a ton. Second, if you’re like me and wondering how these efforts are doing, check out the latest news on Amazon Go and the drive-up grocery store and see how you can innovate your grocery shopping trips. It will be interesting to see how this affects the tens of thousands of grocery clerks around the globe.

Space Exploration Ready to book your flight to the moon? We’re there, people! The New York Times has called Seattle the 'Silicon Valley of space startups' with SpaceX, Blue Origin, and other space-based tech firms dotting the Puget Sound landscape. We're looking at 2017 bringing huge strides in space exploration, including the ability for commercial travel and affordability. In 2019, the International Space Station is set to have its first commercial air lock. What does that mean, exactly?! Developing this airlock module will allow for new uses of space including scientific research, technology development and human and cargo transportation.

Cannabis Tech The industry is booming in the states where it’s been legalized. How do tech and marijuana relate? We’re talking energy efficient (and green) automated grow operations that include high tech lighting setups. Not to mention all the new apps that have launched and focus on helping consumers connect within the industry. Or, how about an innovative at home grow system, to grow your plans in a snap, without any errors in the perfect climate. Follow groups like Now This Weed to keep up on all the “green” tech.

It’s a very exciting and innovative time we’re living in. By the time you blink there may be ever newer and bigger tech trends rolling out.

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