5 Documentation Resources for iOS Developers

The new version of the mobile operating system iOS is already in full swing. I think this was probably the most emotional launch of a product that Apple has experience, given that just few days before the official announcement - celebrities started getting their accounts hacked.

Earlier this month, I wrote a column that discussed some common tools for creating documentation files. I think docs are essential to any developer, and if you go the extra mile to produce documentation for everything you build - friends are bound to be made.

Today, we're going to take a look at five trending tools and apps that can help us generate documentation for our mobile projects. Though, the list of tools are not limited to one specific category, and may contain tools that provide direct documentation resources.


Jazzy is a command-line utility that generates documentation for your Swift or Objective-C projects. Swift is the new programming language by Apple, and is already proving to be one of the biggest changes in mobile development. Thousands upon thousands of developers have vowed to learn this language for what it is worth.


appledoc is command line tool that helps Objective-C developers generate Apple-like source code documentation from specially formatted source code comments. It will compile into a fully readable XCode documentation set. The main objective of appledoc is to provide pleasant and readable source code comments to everyone. You don't really need any other tools for generating docs, but we'll look at them anyway.

Docs for Xcode

Docs for Xcode is a simple application that will allow you to add custom docs to Xcode. You can easily install docsets, subscribe to feeds and keep up to date with all that is happening within the projects you're monitoring.


CocoaDocs parses every CocoaPod and generates Documentation and statistics on the library. You can use the site to search for docs related to what you currently need.


Dash is a collection of documentation sets, packed into one, appealing, application that you can use whenever you like. It costs around twenty bucks to get this bad boy, but you'll be getting access to documentations and resources for a lot of tools, apps and programming languages; even code editors. Invaluable resource.