5 Dreamiest Apartments on the Market Right Now

Real estate in New York City is expensive, with apartments reaching into nine figures. So what makes them worth all that money? Enormous terraces, private elevators and more square footage than most suburban homes...

There is a very specific buyer who can afford to pay more than $100 million dollars for an apartment. And good for them. The rest of us can dare to dream, though, and picture ourselves lounging on the 2,000-square-foot terrace, taking a dip in the private pool or staring out a 14-foot glass clock face in the living room at the Brooklyn Bridge. Even if you are thinking about saving your pennies, be aware that it's not just the massive mortgage you have to worry about. The monthly maintenance on the most expensive apartment here is $42,270 -- that's enough to buy a brand new Mercedes every single month.


5 Dreamiest Apartments on the Market Right Now