5 Easy and Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dishes

I've got you covered with five easy to make and tasty sides that will round out your Thanksgiving day feast!
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So - everyone who is coming to Thanksgiving dinner has RSVP'd and you've already got your big 'ol turkey picked out from the grocery store. Oh... wait - the turkey and stuffing was as far as you got in the planning process? And aside from Aunt Ina, who forced you into letting her bring her "World Famous Ambrosia" to the gathering, nobody is bringing anything except their appetites? Don't worry. It happens to me too. I've got you covered with five easy to make and tasty sides that will round out your Thanksgiving day feast!


Everyone will think you placed a big bowl of risotto on the table when you bring this spaghetti squash with mushrooms dish out. And, aside from it being made of squash, it has most of the same savory, umami elements you'd get from a risotto (with a fraction of the saturated fat). Plus, you can't really ever go wrong with mushrooms and Parmesan cheese.
Total Cooking Time: 1 Hour 20 Minutes


Brussels sprouts are embedded in the Thanksgiving feast lexicon. And unfortunately, sometimes they're the last thing on the table with the serving spoon untouched. It doesn't have to be this way! These salty, vinegary and crunchy Brussels sprouts will be gone in a flash because they pair so well with the bright and clean taste of fresh asparagus. - They will also add a little crunch and color to the Thanksgiving table.
Total Cooking Time: 20 Minutes


Nothing says fall feast like roasted, caramelized root vegetables! The natural sweetness from the butternut squash and turnips is tempered by the biting earthiness of celery root and leeks. Adding creamy goat cheese ties the whole thing together and might result in a friendly game of serving-bowl-tug-of-war between your second cousins at the kid's-table.
Total Cooking Time: 30 Minutes


Do I love mashed potatoes? Yes, indeed I do. Do I love sweet potatoes? Hmmm, not as much. But there's no denying that these tubers have some pretty substantial health benefits. Mixed with squash and chicken broth, these sweet potatoes retain some of their natural sweetness, while transforming the flavor profile and taking on a more savory element. The result is a light, fluffy Thanksgiving side dish that hits all of the right notes - and just happens to be good for you too!
Total cooking Time: 45 Minutes


For those who want to skip the whole-bird-on-Thanksgiving-day thing altogether, How about making a flaky crusted turkey meat pie instead? This is a healthier version of the classic Quebec tourtiere - one of my favorite dishes of all time. Tourtiere is usually served with ketchup but I prefer drowning my slice in gravy.
Total Cooking Time: 1 Hour 50 Minutes