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5 Easy and Delicious Curries You Can Make at Home

This is one curry with plenty of umami!
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This beef miso curry is light compared to the classic Japanese curry but packs a punch with flavors ranging from sweet, sour and savory. This is one curry with plenty of umami! Total Cooking Time: 1 hour - GET THE RECIPE


The strong aromatics coming from the kaffir lime leaves make this dish distinctively Thai. The heat comes from whole peppercorns rather than bird's eye chilies and the use of fish sauce adds pungency to the dish. Jungle curry is one of the easiest curry recipes you can make that will have you come back for seconds and thirds. Total Cooking Time: 20 minutes - GET THE RECIPE


This is one of my favorite Jamie Oliver recipes. If you are looking for lots of heat in a curry, this is the one for you! The use of balsamic vinegar at the very end adds a little sweetness and elevates the flavor profile beautifully. This is a classic Indian curry with a fiery hot finish. Total Cooking Time: 1 hour - GET THE RECIPE


This is a dry version of the traditional Japanese hayashi curry. The use of ketchup (a common ingredient in Japanese cooking) makes this curry more sweet than savory. Top it with a boiled egg and some fried shallots for a unique curry dining experience. Total Cooking Time: 25 minutes - GET THE RECIPE


This is a rich and creamy red curry with sweet, pungent and gamey flavors. The combination of coconut milk, pineapples, tomatoes, duck, basil and fish sauce may sound like a mismatch but work together in perfect harmony. Total Cooking Time: 40 minutes - GET THE RECIPE