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5 Easy Kitchen Mistake Fixes (Video)

We sat down with Dana Cowin, Editor in Chief of Food & Wine magazine.
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So many of us struggle with cooking at home like a pro, but it is hard to believe that the Editor in Chief of Food & Wine magazine was in that category. Yet Dana Cowin says access to her magazine's test kitchen and to great restaurants stopped her from cooking for many years. Until one day she decided to do something about it - she asked some of her favorite chefs for tips and the result is her new book Mastering My Mistakes in the Kitchen.

And while the book is chock full of recipes, we sat down with the author and editor to try and find out what tips came in most handy. In the video above we learn the five best fixes from the book - useful with almost any recipe.

So want to learn from the best? Watch the video above and hear about Cowin's experiences and tips.

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