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5 Easy Peasy DIY Car Fixes for the Busy Gal

The reality is that car repairs can also be very expensive, and being able to pull a trick or two out of your basket can a huge difference.
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There are times that as women we just need to be able to get it done on our own. Whether you are single or stranded on the side of the highway with your kids while your hubby is out of town. We need to be able to get things done on our own, especially when it comes to getting our cars together.

The reality is that car repairs can also be very expensive, and being able to pull a trick or two out of your basket can a huge difference. These really easy DIY car fixes are simple enough for anyone who can follow directions.


DIY: How to Restore Parking or Tail Lights

Image Courtesy of Gearheads

One part of your car that is often overlooked is the car's parking or tail lights. As time passes the plastic covers that protect the light become foggy, but lucky for you, Gearheads has put together an awesome video to help you get your car's tail lights shining like new.

DIY: How To Fix a Car Paint Scratch

Image Courtesy of Popular Mechanics

According to Popular Mechanics, scratches, chips, and other imperfections are simply unavoidable, but a well done repair job can be invisible. Below are a few simple steps to fix a clear-coat paint scratch yourself .

  • Step 1: Clean the surface, mask the nearby trim if it is chromed plastic. Apply the polishing compound to a pad or terry cloth and get scrubbing.
  • Step 2: Polish a small area, and buff the area dry with a clean cloth. Check, and repeat. Move slowly and gently in order to avoid sanding through the clear coat. Check your progress to see if the scratch is still visible.

DIY: How To Fix a Dent

Dings happen often. When you have children, they happen as your son or husband drags the trash can up the street carelessly. If you have a new driver in your home, it may be the trashcan, or children playing in your neighborhood. Having to make a trip to the body shop is not a great way of topping that off. Most of us would rather lay back, and relax with a glass of wine to take our minds off everything.

Well, if you have the know how to fix your dent yourself, you can do just that the following day. These little dings are easy to fix if you can find yourself some dry ice or a hair dryer and a can of compressed air. These really affordable and easy fixes will save you a few bucks, and a lot of time.

Car Repairs

DIY: Replace a Broken or Worn Drive Belt

Image Courtesy of Popular Mechanics

The awful squealing coming from beneath the hood may be due to a frayed or cracked serpentine belt. An important part of the engine assembly, here are some of my favorite step to step instructions for recognizing that you need to change the serpentine belt and replacing it.

  • Does your car squeal every time you start it?
  • Check for cracks, looseness, or wear in the belt.

These are signs that you need these step by step instructions for replacing your serpentine belt.

DIY: How To Replace Your Alternator and Battery

My hubby and I experienced it the other morning. After spending all morning with the little ones and sending them off, we were eager to get going. Unfortunately, the car did not agree because it did not start.

When you find yourself in this predicament, it can be one of two things, the battery or the alternator. You can test both with a multimeter to see if either are dead. If one is not measuring enough power, you will need to replace it.

This step by step guide will have your car up and running again in no time if your battery is dead, for the alternator, here is a great guide.

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