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Improve Your Health With Raw Foods in 5 Easy Steps

I've put together these five steps to a 50 percent raw food diet that is easy and simple so you can experience it for yourself, and you don't have to change ANYTHING else in your current diet!
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You may have heard the buzz about raw foods -- how eating a raw food diet can give you more energy, easy weight loss, clear skin and improved digestion. Well, I've put together these five steps to a 50 percent raw food diet that is easy and simple so you can experience it for yourself, and you don't have to change ANYTHING else in your current diet!

Take up the challenge and try it for one day or for one week!

1. Raw Breakfast

As your first step to being 50 percent raw and creating a strong raw base to your diet, make your breakfast raw. It's super easy to do and establishes a great foundation for each day.

A good trick with a raw breakfast is to find something that you love, that works for your digestion and that is easy and quick to prepare. And if you can prepare it, or parts of it, in bulk or the night before this will help.

Green smoothies and juices are ideal if you have to travel to work by car as you can safely sip them while you commute.

Or try chia seeds soaked overnight in almond milk with some goji berries and chopped nuts, dates thrown in. Top with your favorite fruit and take to go in the morning!

If you like savory, throw in some mixed nuts, spinach, avocado, tomato, olives, sliced beans, corn kernels, finely sliced red onion, fresh basil and a drizzle of olive oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and a dash of coconut nectar and you have a delicious start to the day.

An important note, you may find heavy breakfasts like oats, bacon and eggs, can take a long time to digest, and this may mean your body is having to work hard straight away, leaving you feeling a little sluggish from the get go. Try and make use of the natural fast your body has just had after 8 hours sleep with lighter, easier to digest foods, such as a raw food breakfast.

Here are some great raw food breakfast recipes and ideas.

2. Make One Main Meal 80 Percent Raw

Try to have at least one main meal that is 80 percent raw food, and try to do this each day. This is a great way to get you focused on raw food. You are also much more likely to stick to this goal, rather than attempting to have all your meals 100 percent raw from the get-go.

Incorporating at least one 80 percent raw meal allows you to compare how you feel after eating with how you feel after cooked meals. Chances are, you will feel lighter, much more energized, and (if you make your serving sizes large enough), more satisfied without feeling heavy, bloated and sluggish. And as you start to experience these things for yourself it naturally builds your motivation for incorporating a more raw food diet.

Because raw meals contain plenty of healthy, nourishing ingredients like fresh fruit and vegetables, you can have as much as you like so load up! They are high water content foods with low calories and a high nutritional content, and the bonus is you can indulge without feeling guilty.

Hot tip: Find some easy raw food recipes to start with and perfect them. Once you love them, and have them tweaked the way you like, you can start adding more to your repertoire from there.

Remember your old way of life is still there waiting for you if you decide eating raw isn't for you, so really, you have nothing to lose by experimenting a little.

3. Make Two Meals Out of One

To save on prep time it's a great idea to prepare your raw meals in bulk quantities so that they last you a few servings.

This way you have enough for a meal the next day and beyond. Raw food leftovers can also be turned into soups or salad dressings so not much goes to waste!

Raw soups can be easily frozen, and undressed salads store well in the fridge in airtight-portioned mason jars for up to three days.

Mason jars are great for creating portable meals. All you have to do is put your salad dressing at the base of the mason jar, then layer the jar with the heavier ingredients (e.g., tomatoes, cucumber slices) at the base, and lighter ingredients (e.g., lettuce, grated carrots) at the top.

When the time comes to eat your salad, all you have to do is shake the jar and you've got yourself a dressed, highly nutritious salad. Speaking of salads...

4. Its All in The Dressing

Salads can be very quick and easy to prepare. And by incorporating a nice raw dressing that you love, they taste amazing. And the great thing is that your favorite salad ingredients can be transformed every time simply by using a different dressing.

Dressings can often be prepared in bulk ahead of time too which saves in preparation time!

With raw food dressings you can take the opportunity to add in beautiful herbs, tahini (great for calcium!), and medicinal foods such as garlic and onion, and apple cider vinegar, they are such nourishing ingredients that bring an almost medicinal quality to the food.

Salads can be one of the easiest and most flavorsome meals you can eat -- the secret is -- it's all in the dressing! Here is a great range of easy raw salad recipes.

5. Raw Treats or Snacks as Your "Go To"!

If you are someone who needs an afternoon pick-me-up to see you through until dinner like me, before making a pit stop at that tempting vending machine, opt for a raw treat instead.

Have a raw sweet or treat in the fridge for emergencies at all times and you will always reach for a healthier sweet tooth treat than the palm oil, sugar-laden, processed variety.

For example my go to raw sweet treat is the Chocolate Macaroon: 3/4C coconut oil, 1/2C coconut nectar, 2C shredded dried coconut, 1/2C cacao powder, pinch salt, 12 drops vanilla extract, tossed together and form into balls and freeze. Guarantee you they taste delicious!

The great thing about raw treats is that they are full of protein, carbohydrates, good fats and natural low GI sugars. Because of this you will find you only need a small amount compared to normal to feel full, happy and sweet craving satisfied!

Kids will love them too as they're just as sweet as the real thing. Many raw treats, like bliss balls, don't require refrigeration, making them the perfect guilt-free lunchbox snack for work or school.

So there you have it! With just some simple adjustments to your existing diet you can easily be 50 percent raw and reap the amazing benefits of feeling and looking great from the inside out!

If you are interested in exploring raw food check out my website where there are free raw food recipes and tips about the raw food diet.

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