5 Easy Ways To Stay Inspired (Video)

Inspiration is a forceto be wrestled with. You can try but it will slip under the cracks every time. So how do we maintain access to inspiration?
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Inspiration comes and goes when it pleases. It's independent of our desires, doesn't respond well to force, and refuses to be controlled. Inspiration is a force not to be wrestled with. You can try but it will slip under the cracks every time. So how do we maintain access to inspiration so we can continue to direct our efforts in a useful productive manner with as much ease and efficiency as possible? Seems only reasonable to make a deal with inspiration and give in.

5 Ways to Stay Inspired.

1. Open up. Inspiration doesn't respond well to tightness we can practice softening our strong opinions and our desires. Once we learn how to be easy in our bodies and minds, all the good stuff pours in our direction. If inspiration is like water then we can carve out a path for it to flow.

2. Allow others to inspire you. We get so caught up in doing everything for ourselves, including inspiring ourselves, that it's exhausting, and not at all useful. Take a look around you. Look at your friends. Open up to your friends and take in the caring and good intentions they hold toward you. We spend so much time closing ourselves to protect from scary things that we forget that when we do open to the world inspiration can flow.

3. Take care of yourself. When your body and mind is healthy and functioning correctly, all things necessary are lined up for inspiration to flow through you. Eat well, sleep well, and practice well. It's best to give our bodies and minds as much opportunity to live to the fullest as we can. If we are healthy and vibrant we also can live longer, and be inspired longer. Bonus!

4. Make a change. It takes a huge amount of courage to actually take a good look at yourself and decide to make a change. It's easy to talk about it, think about it, and even plan to do it. Compassion, reflection, action. Make it happen.

5. Have a good time. The universe is set up to work in your favor. It takes loads of self-work to realize, and continue to realize that. The world is full of amusement. Enjoy yourself. A good start is not taking ourselves so seriously.

Try this yoga routine the next time you are wanting to gain some inspiration. It's designed to open up the body and the mind so you can step into inspiration without squashing it!