5 Entrepreneurial Traits That Guarantee Success Working Online

So many people are turning to home business ownership as a means to satisfy many desires. For some, it allows them to be there when their children get home from school. For others, it provides the opportunity to earn more money than they ever would in a traditional 9-to-5 role. For still others, they simply want the flexibility to travel around the world without having to give up a paycheck entirely.
Regardless of your motivations, all successful entrepreneurs have a few key traits in common. Do you have what it takes to work successfully online?

You Get Sh*t Done

No excuses! As an online business owner, you know the buck stops with you. And you are fine with that.
You aren't afraid of a deadline. You don't need a time clock to tell you it's time to get to work. You are motivated to a fault. Much of that motivation comes from fear of failure, but you won't. You know how to get stuff done.

You Take Big Risks

Big risks lead to big rewards. That's the name of game when working online. Perhaps your risk will be leaving your 9-to-5 to pursue your dreams. Maybe your risk is doing a total rebrand before launching your next product.

The big opportunities are often just beyond your comfort zone. You aren't afraid to take that step and see what's out there.

You Work Harder Than Everyone Else

There is a quote by Mark Cuban that has become my mantra. "Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it away from you." Why do I love it? Because it's true! There is at least one entrepreneur out there in your niche hustling day and night to make it to the top. Maybe that person is you.

I'm sure I'll hear a lot of "work smarter, not harder" comments, and those days will come. But starting out, you are going to work your butt off. You are going to work long hours. You are going to make sacrifices in your personal life. If you don't, there's a newcomer out there coming for you.

You're a Problem Solver

When I started my home business, my skill set was limited. I didn't have a college education. My IT knowledge was restart and then call downstairs for someone to come figure it out. I'm also an extreme introvert with anxiety issues. But, I figured it out. I had no other choice unless I wanted to crawl in and beg for my day job back. I wasn't going to do that no matter what.

I quickly learned Google is your best friend for tech tutorials when your website goes blank or your smartphone locks up every time you livestream. There are a lot of freelancers out there willing to help you with your online marketing while you get up the nerve to network. If you don't have the budget starting out to hire help, you likely know some fellow entrepreneurs willing to barter services. If there's a problem, you'll fix it one way or another.

You're a Numbers Person

If you don't know where you are, how will you know where you are going? How will you know how to get there? As an entrepreneur, you've got to know where your money is coming from, how much, at what expense and more. As Kevin O'Leary says, "Numbers are the currency of entrepreneurship." Learn to love your numbers.

Angie Nelson has been working online since 2007 when she quit her day job to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. She was determined to create a business that afforded her the flexibility to live the life she wanted and income she desired. Today, Angie shares work-from-home jobs, home business ideas and entrepreneurial advice on her blog The Work at Home Wife.