5 Essential Dorm Room Cooking Hacks

Try making a full dinner and dessert in your dorm room using a coffee maker and a microwave.
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Ask just about any college student and they'll tell you that, at one time or another, they've cooked (or attempted to cook) something in their dorm room. Maybe they were tired of eating at the dining hall, maybe they didn't have money to eat out, maybe there wasn't a kitchen in their residence hall -- the reasons are many but the question is always the same: how can I make something delicious to eat using only a hot pot? Colleges have strict rules about cooking equipment in the residence halls which means that sometimes college students have to get creative. You'd be surprised what you can do with a microwave, a coffee pot, and an iron (yep, the same iron you use -- or are supposed to use -- to get the wrinkles out of your interview clothes).

Eggs are an easy and inexpensive way to add protein to a meal and make it more filling. They're also a healthy alternative to convenience foods that can contribute to college weight gain. Cooking eggs without a stove may seem like an impossible task, but you can make everything from poached eggs to miniature quiches in the microwave. If you're not allowed to have a microwave in your room (or don't have access to one in your residence hall) you can also cook eggs using a coffee maker -- who knew you could fry an egg on the coffee maker's burner? Genius!

Poached Eggs
If you love eggs with runny yolks, you’ll love this trick for poaching eggs in the microwave. Get the step-by-step here.Click Here to See All 25 Essential Dorm Room Cooking HacksPhoto Credit: © Flickr / Christa
Fresh Herbs
Every serious cook needs fresh herbs, even if they’re cooking in a dorm room. Grow your own on a windowsill using upcycled aluminum cans.Photo Credit: Thinkstock
French Toast
If you don’t want to leave your dorm room for breakfast, try making French toast. Batter your bread and wrap it in foil before heating it up with an iron. Watch the video here.Photo Credit: Thinkstock Click Here to See All 25 Essential Dorm Room Cooking Hacks
nstant Ramen noodles are a quintessential part of the college experience. Upgrade yours by adding hot sauce, sliced scallions, and one of your coffee-maker boiled eggs. Or, check out these ramen hacks.Photo Credit: © Flickr / Rachel
You can’t talk about cooking with your iron and not talk about making quesadillas. Put cheese and fillings on one side of a tortilla, fold it in half, wrap it neatly in foil, then cook it with your iron until the cheese is melted and the filling is warm.Click Here to See All 25 Essential Dorm Room Cooking HacksPhoto Credit: © Flickr / Brian

Not all dorm room cooking has to be quick or simple dishes either; if you're tired of Ramen noodles and instant macaroni and cheese, try making a full dinner and dessert in your dorm room using a coffee maker and a microwave. You can cook chicken and rice in a coffee pot and you can steam fresh vegetables in the basket above. If you make an herb garden using upcycled tin cans, you can even trim some your fresh herbs for garnish. Then, finish your home-cooked meal with cheesecake that you made in just two minutes in a microwave a few hours earlier.

Whether you're searching for a way to make French toast and bacon for breakfast, an upgraded bowl of Ramen noodle soup for lunch, or a single serving of meatloaf and steamed vegetables for dinner, you can make it in your dorm room... but be prepared with some extra plates -- the tantalizing scent of a home-cooked meal wafting through the hallways may attract some unexpected dinner guests.

-Kristie Collado, The Daily Meal

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