5 Essential Tools for When You're Working from a Remote Location

The life of a freelancer: flexible working hours, and holidays in the canary islands. I guess that's true for some of the top-tier freelancers, as for the rest of us - we've to keep learning, keep being motivated to learn more about our craft, and perhaps one day we'll find ourselves in a nice boat, by a sunny beach - that's covered in white sand.

Learning to work from anywhere you like isn't as difficult as it sounds, if you're anything like me - a computer oriented professional who works with online clients, learning to handle those clients from a remote location isn't really all that hard, and once you get past that - you truly can work from anywhere you like, so as long as you have the following five tools with you.

1. Laptop Computer

You won't be doing much work without a proper laptop computer, and while many will say to opt for Apple-built products, you can still find 'cheap' alternatives in the lower-end market. I've been using a Sony VAIO for little over two years now, and I cannot recommend this machine enough.

It's also possible to opt for a tablet, but then you've to make sure to get a separate wireless keyboard (and possibly a mouse), so as not to make your working hours a complete nightmare.

2. Mobile Hotspot

The world is not ready for a global internet revolution, and I can almost guarantee that you're going to be running into places and locations that have it tough with solid Wi-FI connections. For this problem, we can use something called 'Mobile Tethering', which allows you to link up your mobile internet connection with your laptops/tablets device; definitely learn more about this.

3. Cloud Storage

It really depends on what you do as your work, but chances are that you're going to require to have access to certain files, pictures and other media; and not always is it possible to have the same type of media across all your devices; which is where cloud storage comes to the rescue.

You can find plenty of reliable cloud storage providers out there, with the most commonly known ones being Box, Dropbox, and Google Cloud Storage.

4. Openness

In many ways, you'll be challenged by your environment and surroundings, which is why having an open mind about everything is the way to go. You can't expect things to roll the same way for too long, so be prepared to adjust to whatever the remote location is demanding from you.

5. Sanity

The last tool that we need is the ability to stay sane when situations start becoming stories to tell. I guess in other words we could say that we need to have enough love for ourselves, as an example - you should give yourself enough time every day to: reflect, observe, and analyze your progress.

Just because you're away from your usual environment, doesn't mean that you cannot perform the same tasks as you would back home. Take it in your hands, you won't regret it.


I guess what is missing from this list is your actual work. What is the project that you're working on, and would you like to take to a remote location for a while? If you do, you've got the necessary checklist to take with you, as long as you can cover these basic requirements - you will be able to do just as much work from a hammock, as you would from your desk.