5 Expressions I Want to Eliminate

I'm not a formal person, but there are certain expressions that pervade our cultures that I want eliminated or at least greatly curtailed:

1. LOL. It's overused and not accurate. So unless you actually "laughed out loud" please do not use. Also, nervous laughing should not count.

2. Emoticons. Again overused, especially when punctuation is used for the emoticons. And I don't understand most of them.

3. K, O.K., Okay or any variants. Usually not responsive to a question, adds nothing to the conversation.

4. "No worries". Again, usually not responsive and I don't know what it means. It's especially annoying as a replacement for "thank you".

5. "Sup"? Too generic and difficult to respond to.

But my main issue with all of these expressions is that they do not enhance communication. So I want them eliminated, if you don't want to communicate, be silent.

Love, peace, compassion and blessings.