5 Fabulous Finds for Mother's Day Tech Gifts

If you still haven't picked up a Mother's Day gift for your mom, not to worry, there's time. While flowers, chocolates and dinner out remain the old stand-bys, the perfect gift really depends on what kind of person your mom is. To help you along, I've rounded up some awesome tech gadgets for every type of mom.

For the Carpooling Mom

There's nothing worse than a dead car battery when you're the one on car-pool duty. Instead of waiting for roadside service, smart moms have the Cobra JumPack in the trunk. It's a handheld, rechargeable battery that not only jump starts your car battery; it has a USB output so you can charge up your mobile phone too. Now that's multi-tasking.


For the Exhausted Mom

Sometimes mom needs a little de-stressing and unwinding before falling asleep. There's no better way to do that than with music. The fleece SleepPhones headband has a built-in wireless speaker so there's no danger of keeping your partner awake. It connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. I'm not advocating checking email in the night -- that won't help you sleep -- but music sure soothes the soul.


For the Fashionable on-the-go Mom

Whether she's working or traveling, the Michael Kors Jet Set Laptop Travel Tote is the perfect bag for carrying everything mom totes around on a given day. Three compartments and a zippered pocket help protect and organize laptops and tablets, leaving plenty of room for wallet, cosmetics and other mom essentials.


For the Memory Maker Mom

Give mom an empty box for Mother's Day, she'll be forever grateful. If you send a pre-paid box from ScanMyPhotos, she can fill it with old family pictures and slides that have been sitting around in the basement and send them off to be digitized. They're scanned into JPG files and burned onto a DVD, then sent back in the same box.


For the Gardener Mom

Who says you need to buy flowers for Mom? Click & Grow turns any mom into a green-thumb herb gardener. That way basil and oregano are available anytime the recipe calls for it. The Smart Herb Garden gets plugged into a wall outlet and has an LED light to help grow the plants indoors. All mom has to do is add water.